Healthier Ways to Cook Broccoli so That Your Family is Cancer-Free

Your family likes to eat broccoli? Wow, that's very good! Apart from offering a crunchy and sweet taste, the various nutritional content in these vegetables can nourish the body.

Broccoli contains a combination of several vitamins such as vitamins A, C and vitamin E and is rich in calcium as well as antioxidants that can ward off free radicals and improve blood circulation throughout the body, including the heart. Even broccoli is known to contain sulforaphane, the strongest anti-carcinogen compound in food that has a role in preventing the production of enzymes that can cause bone damage in the body. Sulforaphane can also limit and prevent cancer growth.

But make no mistake! To be able to get the benefits of sulforaphane it contains, broccoli must be cooked properly.

The Right Way to Cook Broccoli

If you want to release the maximum amount of sulforaphane to be beneficial for the body, broccoli should be briefly steamed. Citing Prevention, this was revealed in a study conducted by scientists at the University of Illinois, United States.

They found that the protein in broccoli can bind to sulforaphane and make it unusable in the human body. However, we can deactivate the protein by steaming broccoli for 3 to 4 minutes.

Not only that, scientists have also found that other cooking methods that produce uneven temperatures (by microwave, for example) can actually reduce the amount of sulforaphane. So better, cook the broccoli by steaming it. Not only broccoli, other vegetables that are rich in sulforaphane such as cauliflower and cabbage should also be steamed. Because in this way, all members of our family can get anti-cancer benefits by eating these vegetables.

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