Benefits of Melinjo Leaves for Health, Maintain Body Weight to Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Melinjo or Gnetum gnemon is a species of Gnetum native to southeast Asia and the western Pacific Ocean islands, from Mizoram and Assam in India, south and east through Indonesia and Malaysia to the Philippines and Fiji. Common names include gnetum, joint fir, two leaf, melinjo, belinjo and bago.

Not only the seeds, melinjo leaves can also be processed into food and even herbal medicine. In addition, the benefits of melinjo leaves for health are very diverse. This is thanks to the nutritional content and antioxidants in it.

Melinjo leaves are rich in antioxidants and various nutrients, such as Vitamin A, Fiber, Iron, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and Zinc.

Benefits of Melinjo Leaves for Health

Melinjo leaves that are consumed as food or herbal drinks (herbal medicine) can provide various benefits for the health of the body. The following are some of the benefits:

1. Lowering uric acid levels

Unlike the seeds which can cause high uric acid levels, the skin of the seeds and leaves of melinjo is actually good for reducing uric acid. Several studies have shown that consumption of melinjo leaves appears to reduce uric acid levels in the blood. However, the benefits of melinjo leaves as a uric acid medicine still need further investigation.

2. Manage blood sugar levels

Uncontrolled high blood sugar can lead to insulin resistance over time. If left untreated, this condition can develop into diabetes.

Several studies in the laboratory say that melinjo leaf extract can control blood sugar levels and increase the effectiveness of the insulin hormone. The results of this study indicate that the leaves of melinjo have potential as herbal medicine to control blood sugar.

However, don't just take advantage of melinjo leaves. You also need to limit foods high in sugar, so that blood sugar levels are more easily controlled.

3. Maintain ideal body weight

Melinjo leaves contain lots of fiber, so they can make you feel fuller for longer. In addition, several studies also state that melinjo leaves can reduce bad cholesterol, increase metabolism, and maintain ideal body weight.

Unfortunately, the benefits of this one melinjo have not been widely studied in humans. Therefore, further research is still needed.

To lose weight and keep it ideal, you are advised to exercise regularly and limit the consumption of foods high in calories, fat and sugar.

4. Improve the imune system

Maintaining health and immunity is very important. You can strengthen your immune system by exercising regularly, following a healthy diet, reducing stress, and taking certain supplements or herbal products, such as melinjo leaves.

The study states that melinjo leaves contain various antioxidants and minerals that are good for maintaining endurance, such as iron, zinc, and magnesium. Therefore, you can add melinjo leaves to your daily healthy diet to keep your body fit and strong.

5. Ward off free radicals

As is well known, antioxidants are good for warding off the body from free radicals that can cause disease. Melinjo leaves are known to contain antioxidants in them, so they can maintain a healthy body and counteract the effects of free radicals.

Several studies have also stated that the antioxidant content in melinjo leaves is also seen to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Unfortunately, the various benefits of melinjo mentioned above are only based on small-scale research. Further research is still needed to evaluate the effectiveness of the benefits of melinjo leaves for health and side effects.

Because it is one of the healthiest foods, you may include melinjo leaves in your daily diet. However, to keep your body healthy, don't just rely on melinjo leaves.

You still need to live a healthy lifestyle by eating a balanced nutritious diet, exercising regularly, reducing stress, and getting enough rest.

If you experience certain complaints after consuming melinjo leaves, such as stomach pain, diarrhea, or nausea and vomiting, check with your doctor for treatment.

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