Various Benefits of Jasmine Oil for Health

In addition to decorating the your home, jasmine has many benefits and uses for the health of the body. Especially if the oil is processed and extracted. What are the benefits of jasmine oil that we can get?

Benefits of Jasmine Oil for Health

1. Relieves anxiety

There have been many studies that report inhaling the aroma of jasmine oil to help improve mood and promote better sleep. Additionally, a study published in Natural Product Communications found that applying jasmine oil to the skin can relieve daily anxiety and stress, which can make the mind more relaxed.

2. Relieves premenstrual syndrome pain

Stomach massage with jasmine oil during menstruation has been shown to reduce the severity of premenstrual syndrome symptoms of stomach cramps. Inhaling the aroma can also cure headaches, reduce anxiety, help you sleep better, and suppress the growth of hormonal acne during premenstrual syndrome.

3. Increase concentration

In fact, increasing focus and concentration on clear thinking can be one of the benefits of jasmine oil too. The trick is to simply inhale its soothing scent. Jasmine oil contains a variety of active compounds that can regulate heart rate, body temperature, and brain activity needed for high concentration.

4. Maintain healthy skin

A scientific paper entitled "Commercial Essential Oils as Potential Antimicrobials to Treat Skin Diseases" specifically discusses the benefits of jasmine oil for the skin. They found that the active ingredients in jasmine flowers can help regenerate healthy skin cells, moisturize dry skin, fight aging symptoms, and reduce inflammation caused by psoriasis.


How to use jasmine flower oil?

There are several ways to use jasmine flower oil:
  • The most common method is by inhaling the scent of jasmine flower oil.
  • You can also apply jasmine oil directly to your skin. Make sure you are not allergic to the oil first.
  • You can use this oil at home mixed with other lotions such as coconut oil, body moisturizer, or other essential oils.
  • Also, use 3- 4 drops of jasmine oil in a homemade massage oil, body scrub, or soap for a relaxing scent.

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