Know Coconut Flour and Its Benefits for Health

Have you ever used coconut flour as a mixed ingredient to make cakes? Or have you never seen it? It turns out that this flour has many health benefits.

What is Coconut Flour?

Coconut flour is flour derived from coconut meat which is obtained after coconut milk or coconut oil is produced. The shape resembles wheat flour in the form of a fine white powder. This flour is claimed to have many health benefits that are better than regular flour.

This flour is claimed to be 100 percent gluten free. Because it doesn't contain gluten, it is considered ideal for anyone with a gluten intolerance. Coconut flour has 58 percent fiber content, the fiber content in this flour is higher when compared to wheat flour so that it can meet your daily fiber intake.

Benefits of Coconut Flour for Health

1. Control blood sugar

Since coconut flour is high in fiber, it can control your blood sugar. A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2003 found that substituting flour for this made from coconut decreased the glycemic index (a measure of the impact of food on blood sugar).

Those of you who are afraid of diabetes or already have diabetes can replace wheat flour with coconut flour to control your blood sugar. A new study published in Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies has also confirmed these findings.

2. Lose weight

The dietary fiber in this flour can help control glucose levels thus allowing it to help control your blood sugar. High fiber foods are also believed to keep your stomach full longer, so eating coconut flour can help control your appetite and body weight.

This flour is also high in protein, low in fat, and contains lauric acid which is very important for the immune system and skin. The flour produced from coconut milk dregs also contains manganese which helps in the absorption of important minerals.

3. Helps metabolism

Apart from being high in fiber and protein, this flour is also very high in nutrients. One of the high nutrients in flour is the high content of healthy saturated fats in the form of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA).

Saturated fat in the form of medium chain fatty acids is used by the body to produce energy and help support a healthy metabolism and balanced blood sugar levels.

4. Helps digestive health

Flour which has the same texture as wheat flour can also help you to have healthy digestion because this flour has a very high nutrient density. Research has shown that coconut flour can lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in people who have high cholesterol levels. Meanwhile, the high content of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber in coconut flour can help nourish your intestines.

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