Dragon Fruit Benefits For Health, Helps Lose Weight to Immune Boster

Not only does it taste delicious, the content of red dragon fruit is also very diverse. Besides being good for meeting your daily nutritional intake, the content of vitamins and minerals in red dragon fruit is also good for maintaining a healthy body.

Dragon fruit has skin that looks scaly and is purplish red or pink in color. Based on the color of the flesh, dragon fruit consists of 2 types, namely white dragon fruit and red dragon fruit.

You may be wondering whether the nutritional content of red dragon fruit is different from that of white dragon fruit. Well, you need to know, even though it has a different flesh color, the nutritional content of dragon fruit is not much different.

Dragon Fruit Nutritional Content

Dragon fruit is a type of fruit that is low in calories. In a serving of dragon fruit (about 100 grams) there are only about 60 calories. This fruit also contains absolutely no fat. However, the nutritional content in dragon fruit is quite high. The following are some of the ingredients in dragon fruit and their benefits for your health:

1. Vitamin C

The content of vitamin C in dragon fruit functions as a good antioxidant to protect the body from exposure to free radicals. The content of vitamin C in dragon fruit is also good for stimulating collagen formation, maintaining endurance, and helping the absorption of iron so that the body does not lack blood.

2. Vitamin B2 and vitamin B3

Apart from vitamin C, dragon fruit also contains vitamin B2 and vitamin B3. These two vitamins play an important role in maintaining the smooth running of the body's metabolism and maintaining healthy body tissues. Adequate intake of B vitamins is also believed to reduce the risk of several diseases, such as migraines, cataracts, preeclampsia, and heart disease. Vitamin B is also said to play an important role in maintaining the health of the body's nerves.

3. Magnesium

Dragon fruit is one type of fruit that contains lots of magnesium. Thanks to these ingredients, this fruit can prevent and relieve muscle cramps, increase stamina and performance when exercising, maintain heart health and function, and lower blood pressure. Magnesium can also reduce the risk of depression, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension, as well as relieve symptoms of migraine and premenstrual syndrome.

4. Iron

Iron is a type of mineral that is very important for the human body because it acts as a raw material for making red blood cells. If the body is deficient in iron, the production of red blood cells in the body will decrease. As a result, you are at risk of developing anemia or lack of blood.

Dragon fruit has a high enough iron content, so it can meet the iron intake that the body needs and prevent you from various health problems caused by iron deficiency.

5. Calcium

Calcium is needed by the body to maintain bone strength. In addition, the heart, muscles, and nerves also need calcium to function properly. Lack of calcium in the body can increase the risk of osteoporosis.

However, you don't need to worry, because dragon fruit also contains calcium in it. Apart from consuming milk, you can consume dragon fruit to meet your daily calcium needs.

6. Antioxidants

Dragon fruit is a type of fruit that is rich in antioxidants and natural dyes called anthocyanins. This substance gives dragon fruit its bright red color. The content of dragon fruit is known to protect cells and tissues from free radical damage and even reduce the risk of cancer.

After consuming red dragon fruit, the color of your urine and feces may appear reddish. However, you don't need to worry because it is natural and not dangerous. Reddish colored urine and feces are caused by anthocyanin substances contained in red dragon fruit.

In addition to the content above, dragon fruit also contains a lot of fiber so that it can improve digestion. By regularly consuming high-fiber vegetables and fruits, including dragon fruit, you can prevent constipation.

Dragon Fruit Storing Tips

Dragon fruit can be consumed immediately after being washed clean. However, you have to cut and separate the pulp from the skin. If you want to keep dragon fruit longer, you can try to follow these tips:

Wrap the dragon fruit first in a plastic bag before storing it in the refrigerator.
  • Avoid cutting dragon fruit if it is not finished immediately.
  • If you already cut the dragon fruit but you don't eat it, you can store it in an airtight container to keep it fresh or store it in the freezer.
  • Do not eat dragon fruit if the pulp has turned brownish and has a soft texture.

Dragon Fruit Benefits For Health

The benefits of dragon fruit for body health are not new facts. However, the specific benefits of dragon fruit have not been of much concern. Here are the benefits you can get from eating this fruit.

1. Anti-aging

Antioxidants are essential for keeping skin firm and elastic. These substances can fight free radicals in the body that can cause problems such as cancer. And dragon fruit is a good source of antioxidants because of its high vitamin C content.

The most important nutrient in this fruit is its phosphorus. The body's cells require phosphorus and phospholipids which are the main components of the cell membrane. This can help to prevent premature aging.

2. Cancer prevention

Apart from vitamin C, dragon fruit contains carotene, which is linked to several anti-carcinogenic qualities, including reducing the number of tumors. In addition, lycopene which is responsible for the red color of pitaya has been shown to be associated with lowering the risk of prostate cancer.

A 2011 study published in the Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention found that a lycopene intake of less than 2,498 mcg / day can increase the risk of prostate cancer, whereas a high intake of fruits, vegetables, and foods rich in lycopene, as well as physical activity can reduce risk significantly. significant.

In addition, dragon fruit skin contains polyphenols that we often find in nature. It is possible that some of these polyphenols act as affinities for estrogen receptors, and alter the behavior of other hormones to receptor sites in cells. That could be one reason why pitaya can protect the body against certain types of cancer.

3. Heart health

Dragon fruit can help improve your heart health, because it can reduce bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol.

A 2010 study published in the journal Pharmacognosy Research found that consumption of pitaya fruit can reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. This exotic fruit is also a great source of monounsaturated fat which can keep our liver in good shape.

4. Prevent diabetes

The high amount of fiber in this exotic fruit can help stabilize a person's blood sugar levels. It can also help to block the sugar spikes that occur after eating foods with a high glycemic index. In the same study from the journal Pharmacognosy Research, researchers found that dragon fruit had a good effect on oxidative stress for aortic stiffness from diabetic rats.

5. Immune booster

High levels of vitamin C can provide a boost to the immune system, as well as stimulate the activity of other antioxidants. The presence of high levels of vitamin C, minerals, and phytoalbumin can fight free radicals. Vitamins B1, B2, B3, as well as calcium, phosphorus, iron, protein, niacin and fiber also contribute to improving the function of your immune system.

6. Reliever cough and asthma

Respiratory disorders such as asthma and coughs caused by colds or flu can be difficult to deal with from day to day. Although it is not a substitute for medicine, dragon fruit can help reduce your suffering. Keep in mind that this pitaya has a high amount of vitamin C, thus making your immune system stronger and more efficient at fighting infections every day.

7. Weight loss

One of the worst issues you will likely experience is holding back on the foods you enjoy when you are on a weight loss diet. Fortunately, with the help of this exotic fruit, you will get your appetite under control.

How did it happen? This is because dragon fruit is rich in fiber and very low in calories, so you will feel full longer, compared to other fruits. It will also improve metabolism and weight management.

8. Healthy digestive tract

Healthy digestive tract, is one of the benefits of dragon fruit that you can get. Dragon fruit helps increase the growth of good bacteria in the intestines, which are useful for the health of the digestive tract.

9. Good for skin health

For skin health, dragon fruit is useful for reducing wrinkles and overcoming acne and dry skin. These benefits are obtained from vitamin C and the antioxidants contained in it. The antioxidant content in dragon fruit can also ward off exposure to excess free radicals which are often the cause of premature aging.

10. Good for bone health

The benefits of red dragon fruit and other colored dragon fruit for bone health are obtained from the magnesium content in them. Magnesium has been shown to be important for keeping bones strong.

11. Good for hair health

Consuming dragon fruit, can help keep hair healthy and shiny. The nutritional content in dragon fruit will also help reduce hair damage that occurs due to chemicals from hair dyes.

12. Good for pregnant women

Dragon fruit is good for pregnant women because it contains iron, B vitamins and folate. Iron in pregnant women is useful for preventing anemia. Meanwhile, B vitamins and folate can prevent birth defects and increase energy.

Although dragon fruit has a myriad of benefits for the body, not everyone can eat this fruit. There are some people who have allergies to dragon fruit. However, this is very rarely found. If you have certain health problems and are in doubt whether you can eat dragon fruit or not, you should first consult with your doctor to be sure.

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