Sperm Fertilizing Foods so that Your Wife Get Pregnant Fast

Did you know that what you eat can affect sperm quality? Just like women, men are also encouraged to eat healthy and nutritious foods as fertilizers or sperm enhancers to increase the chances of pregnancy. What are the best sperm fertility foods to eat?

Foods To Increase Male Fertility

In the study of Fertility and the Aging Male, it was explained that about 30% of difficult cases of pregnancy are affected by male fertility problems. If you have fertility problems, maybe one of the factors that influence it is food intake.

Bad and unhealthy eating habits can reduce the quality and quantity of sperm. Therefore, this lifestyle needs to be changed as a way to get pregnant quickly.

Men with diets and supplements of certain micronutrients, such as vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A, folate, and zinc, can produce sperm with less DNA damage, especially in older men.

A number of studies report that the best types of foods to fertilize sperm are those that contain high levels of lycopene. Anti-oxidants give some fruits and vegetables their bright color.

Not only that, here are some sperm fertility foods that can be consumed in preparation for pregnancy, such as:

1. Oysters

One of the foods for male fertility that can improve sperm quality is oysters. The reason is, this food contains zinc or zinc, a nutrient that increases the quality and number of sperm.

You can also find zinc in several other foods such as red meat, fortified cereals, crab, and dairy products. Men who take zinc either from supplements or food, may experience increased levels of the hormone testosterone and the number of sperm produced.

2. Whole grain

Foods for fertilization or other sperm enhancers for other pregnancy programs that you can consume are whole grains.

Whole grains contain other nutrients that are good for sperm, one of which is folate or vitamin B9. Meanwhile, men need folate to improve sperm quality in order to fertilize an egg.

Not only that, you can find good folate content to improve sperm quality in other foods such as fortified cereals.

3. Mushrooms

Eating mushrooms can also help you improve sperm quality. This fertilizing food has one of the good vitamins for sperm, namely vitamin D.

Vitamin D is not only necessary for healthy bones and teeth, but is also necessary for improving sperm quality.

Apparently, vitamin D is included in good nutrition for sperm to support sperm movement.

There are many foods for male fertility besides nuts and seeds that are rich in vitamin D such as fatty fish, vitamin D rich margarine, cheese, and egg yolks.

4. Eggs

Did you know that eggs contain nutritional omega-3 fatty acids? Therefore, eggs are also included as a sperm fertility food to get pregnant quickly.

This good content of omega-3 fatty acids can help increase the number, motility (movement of sperm), and the morphology (shape) of sperm. Then, other benefits of omega-3 fatty acids can also increase blood flow to the reproductive organs in the body.

Apart from eggs, you can eat fish, especially salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines.

5. Nuts and seeds

In nuts and seeds, there are nutrients that are good for sperm, one of which is vitamin E.

This content is indeed one of the nutrients in food that can help prevent sperm damage. Therefore, these two foods are also included as fertilizers for sperm.

Not only from nuts or seeds, you can eat green vegetables such as broccoli or spinach.

6. Green vegetables

Other foods that you can consume to improve the quality and fertility of your sperm are green vegetables. The reason is, it contains nutrients that are good for sperm, namely folic acid or vitamin B9.

Not only for women, folic acid is also good for men because it helps regenerate and improve sperm quality so that they can fertilize an egg.

Therefore, try to eat green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, asparagus, and green radishes.

This content can also be found in avocados and potatoes.

7. Seafood

Another food that you can consume to fertilize sperm is seafood, especially fish. In seafood there is one good nutrient to improve sperm quality, namely vitamin B12.

This is because vitamin B12 can also improve overall sperm quality.

A study in the journal Biomolecules states that foods rich in vitamin B12 can increase the number, motility, and reduce sperm DNA damage.

Apart from seafood, you can eat foods rich in vitamin B12, from meat to dairy products.

8. Fruits with vitamin C content

Not only good for increasing immunity in the body, this food can also be used as sperm fertilizer.

Fruit with vitamin C content is also claimed to contain anti-oxidants so that it can improve the quality of semen.

Then, the content of vitamin C can also significantly reduce the number of defective sperm cells. You can eat oranges, manga, papaya, strawberries, and pineapples regularly.

9. Garlic

Often used as a spice in cooking, you can also use garlic as a food for fertilizing sperm.

Apart from containing selenium, garlic also contains alisin which can increase blood flow to the sexual organs and protect sperm from damage.

Other selenium-containing foods include bread, wheat, and protein such as eggs and meat.

10. Tomatoes

Why is tomato one of the sperm fertility foods?

This is evidenced in a report published by the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio which states that the content in tomatoes can affect male fertility.

This is because tomatoes contain lycopene, which is a carotenoid forming substance. It is an anti-oxidant that gives tomatoes their vibrant color.

These anti-oxidants can ward off free radicals that are usually formed from consumption of unhealthy foods.

In the study, it was found that the lycopene in tomatoes can increase the number of increasing sperm count by up to 70%.

When lycopene enters the body, the body will absorb 20-30 percent of the total lycopene that enters.

The lycopene will be spread to several parts of the body. One of the parts that get the most lycopene is the testes, where sperm is produced.

Another study conducted at the University of Sheffield UK proved that lycopene also reduces DNA damage thereby increasing the number of mature sperm.

In addition, it is also proven that the sperm in men who consume lycopene, move faster and are more agile. This also can increase the chances of conception.

Besides tomatoes, here are examples of foods with high lycopene in a 100 gram serving:
  • Guava: 5.2 mg
  • Watermelon: 4.5 mg
  • Papaya: 1.8 mg

Healthy Lifestyle To Increase Male Fertility

There is no instant or single way to fertilize sperm when running a pregnant program with a partner. In addition to increasing the consumption of sperm fertility foods that have been mentioned, you need to change your lifestyle from less healthy to healthier.

The following are healthy lifestyles that need to be implemented for a successful pregnancy program:
  • Reduce or as much as possible avoid drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Limit consumption of foods and drinks that contain caffeine such as coffee and tea.

By improving the pattern of daily life plus eating sperm fertile foods, the chances of pregnancy will increase. 

The information provided above is not a substitute for medical advice. ALWAYS consult your doctor.

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