Benefits of Carrots For Pregnant Women, Can Keep Pregnant Women Weight Stable

So far, carrots are popular with vitamin A in them which nourishes the eyes and overcomes various visual problems. Therefore, consumption of carrots in raw form, juice or other cooking methods is always an option for those who are undergoing therapy for eye health or just to maintain eye health.

Apart from that, this vegetable that is very popular with rabbits is also good for pregnant women because of the various ingredients in it that are beneficial not only to the mother, but also as nutrition for pregnant women which is useful for the baby in the womb.

Benefits of Carrots for Pregnant Women

For pregnant women, consumption of carrots will provide additional energy so that the mother will not tire easily and can carry out activities as usual. For a more detailed explanation, here are some of the ingredients in carrots that are very beneficial for pregnant women:

1. Complete Vitamin Combination

Apart from abundant vitamin A (12,000 SI), carrots also contain other vitamins ranging from Vitamins B, C (4 mg), D to E (0.5 mg) to K in smaller levels.

This combination makes carrots meet the various needs of pregnant women and future babies, from intake for healthy eyes and eyesight, strengthening bones and teeth, strengthening endurance, increasing collagen production, helping absorption of the benefits of iron in the body to healthy skin.

In fact, the content of vitamin C in carrots is also believed to increase the intelligence of the baby. Not only that, the combination of vitamins in carrots is believed to prevent osteoporosis, avoid the risk of various cancers, maintain the digestive system, prevent the dangers of diabetes during pregnancy and strengthen brain memory.

Thus, by consuming just one menu, a pregnant woman can enjoy various kinds of vitamins found in carrots. Of course, these results will be maximized when combined with the consumption of other healthy foods and vegetables.

2. Rich in Calcium and Potassium

The benefits of calcium in carrots have long-term effects from pregnancy to breastfeeding. During pregnancy, calcium can strengthen the bones and muscles of the mother and prepare and stimulate the growth of the bones and teeth of the prospective baby. Meanwhile during breastfeeding, calcium can increase the quantity and quality of breast milk so that exclusive intake for babies can be guaranteed.

The function of potassium for pregnant women is to prevent muscle cramps that are common during pregnancy, especially at a young gestational age. In addition, this substance is also rich in benefits to stabilize cholesterol levels, accelerate and increase blood to the brain to keep nerve tissue normal. The various benefits that are so great in these orange colored vegetables certainly make any mother not want to miss this source of nutrition for pregnant women.

3. Rich in Beta Carotene

The abundance of beta carotene content in carrots can be seen from the orange color of this vegetable. The more orange the color of the carrots, the richer the content of beta carotene, which is a provitamin A and will be automatically converted into vitamin A by the body (beta carotene is a precursor to vitamin A). Uniquely, the body will only convert pro-vitamin A into vitamin A as needed. However, you still have to keep your portion of vitamin A consumption and ensure that you don't overdosage because excessive consumption can cause yellow skin (yellow babies) and even have a negative potential for fetal development.

The intake of large amounts of vitamin A is certainly needed by a pregnant woman during pregnancy, childbirth, to ensure the quality of vision for the baby she is carrying. In addition to vitamin A, beta carotene in carrots also functions as an antioxidant in warding off free radicals and threatening cancer. Therefore, regular consumption of carrots can fortify the body from free radicals in the body.

4. Rich in Fiber

Like various other vegetables and types of fruits, carrots also contain fiber as a healthy food for pregnant women that improves digestion because it can keep the risk of constipation or constipation away. This pregnancy disorder is often experienced due to hormonal changes in the body that often have an effect on digestion.

In addition, the fiber content in carrots can also maintain a stable weight for pregnant women so you don't have to worry too much about your appearance during the pregnancy process. In addition, carrots are also good for pregnant women who have a history of diabetes because the content in them can also reduce blood sugar levels.

5. Rich in Iron

Carrots are also rich in iron which is needed in the production and formation of red blood cells so that blood pressure will be maintained and free from anemia. Having normal blood pressure is one of the main keys behind a healthy pregnancy to a safe delivery.

How to Choose a Good Carrot for Consumption

After knowing the various benefits and good content in carrots, you might be impatient to consume this vegetable. For that, there are several things that need to be considered in choosing and cooking carrots.

  • First, choose local carrots over imported carrots. This is solely to reduce the consumption of chemicals / waxes which are usually found in imported goods and can harm the body's work system. The time-consuming import process usually requires producers to use preservatives to ensure that the carrots look fresh and tasty.
  • Second, carrot juice can be a healthy menu choice to be able to consume as much of the essence and good content found in carrots. If you don't like carrot juice for its taste, mix it with milk and a little sugar, or with another vegetable. However, this kind of consumption is not really recommended so it would be better if you get used to consuming carrot juice without other mixtures. You can mix it with spinach, tomatoes or broccoli. However, for better and safer results, you should consult your midwife or obstetrician.
  • Third, keep your consumption portion. Do not eat too many carrots. Too little consumption will cause the mother and fetus to not get vitamins and other ingredients. However, consuming too much can also harm the health of the fetus and the mother herself. Consumer justice is smart and proportional and don't hesitate to get as much information as possible from various trusted sources.

Carrots offer so many benefits for pregnant women during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. The content of provitamin A and other benefits in it are also very useful for the growth and development of the baby from an early age.

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