How to Use Honey as a Natural Ingredient to Redden Lips

Appearing with rosy lips is the dream of all women. Yes, moreover healthy lips will always be indicated by this color. With natural ingredients such as honey, you can use it to get a rosy lip color. Check out the complete information below.

Before discussing further about how to redden lips with honey, it is necessary to know some of the causes of lips turning black, namely as follows:
  • Consuming too much caffeine
  • Exposure to ultraviolet light
  • Smoke
  • Increasing age (aging)

How to Redden Lips with Honey Easily

After knowing what causes black lips, now we will discuss how honey is a natural ingredient to redden lips. You can use real honey for best results. Here are a few ways.

Mixing Honey with Olive Oil

The efficacy of olive oil is not in doubt. This oil contains vitamin E which is very beneficial for the skin. How to make the mixture is as follows:
  • First, mix enough honey with olive oil until the texture turns into a paste
  • Apply the paste on the lips evenly
  • Let stand for about half an hour. Rinse it off using warm water and pat dry using a towel. Do it regularly at night for maximum results.

Mixing Honey with Avocado

Avocado can also be a honey mixture to redden lips. The way to make the mixture is as follows:
  • First, take 50 grams of avocado
  • Next, mix 50 grams of avocado with one teaspoon of honey
  • After it is well blended and the texture becomes a paste, apply it on the lips gently
  • Wait for about half an hour
  • Rinse with cold water and dry using a towel until clean

Mixed Honey with Lime

The content of vitamin C in lime is very effective in returning the natural red color of the lips. This mixture can be used as a way to redden deep lips as long as the content of vitamin C can accelerate the exfoliation of dead skin cells which is one of the causes of black lips. How to make it as follows
  • First, take one teaspoon of lime and 2 teaspoons of honey
  • Next mix the two together until evenly and form a paste. Apply the paste that has formed on the lips evenly and wait for about 10 minutes
  • Rinse it off using warm water
  • Use this mixture regularly on the lips for maximum results

Mixing Honey with Sugar

So the last one is how to redden your lips with honey and sugar. Both of these mixtures can be used as scrubs to help remove dead skin cells on the lips. How to make it as follows:
  • First, take a spoonful of sugar and honey to taste
  • Mix the two together to form a scrub
  • Spread it on the lips evenly and rub
  • Wait about 1 minute and rinse using a wet towel.

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