Brown Rice and Boiled Potatoes, Which is Better for the Diet?

Having an ideal weight is indeed a dream for most people. Starting from regular exercise, avoiding snacking, to replacing daily carbohydrates. One of them is choosing the consumption of boiled potatoes and brown rice. However, of the two carbohydrates, which one is more effective for a successful diet program?

Different Types of Carbohydrates, Different Nutrients!

Both are favorite menus on a diet, brown rice and boiled potatoes do have their respective nutritional content. What are the nutritional content of these two types of carbohydrates?

1. Brown Rice

If you are looking for a healthy diet that is effective for weight loss, brown rice is the answer. Brown rice is low in calories and good for consumption every day.

Apart from containing fiber and iron, brown rice also contains high vitamins and minerals. Among them are vitamin B1, calcium, and protein.

Brown rice is also believed to meet the daily needs of fiber. As revealed by researchers at Colorado State University, USA, the recommended amount of fiber is 14 grams (gr) in 1,000 calories per day. In a quarter cup of brown rice contains at least about 2 grams of fiber. This amount is able to meet 8 percent of your daily fiber needs.

High fiber in brown rice is also good for consumption by diabetics. Its low glycemic index can also help diabetics manage sugar levels.

2. Boiled Potatoes

So, what about boiled potatoes for the diet? These yellowish white tubers are also the choice of many people for the diet menu.

Potatoes have lower calories than white rice, but still higher than brown rice. In addition, the fiber in potatoes is also high compared to white rice, especially when eaten with the skin.

Do not stop there, boiled potatoes also contain many vitamins that are good for health. For example, vitamin B6, thiamine, folic acid, vitamin C, and riboflavin. Potatoes also contain more minerals, calcium and phosphorus than white rice.

Just like brown rice, boiled potatoes also have a lower glycemic index than white rice. Diabetics can also eat boiled potatoes, as long as the portion is still limited. The reason is, potatoes contain more carbohydrates than brown rice.

Which is Better, Brown Rice or Boiled Potatoes?

Actually, both types of carbohydrates are equally good for consumption when dieting. It's just that boiled potatoes have a higher glycemic index than brown rice. Boiled potato has a higher glycemic index, which is around 78, while brown rice is 55. For diabetics, of course this is a consideration.

In addition, both contain high fiber so that it makes the stomach feel fuller.

Even though you don't have a history of diabetes, eating boiled potatoes or brown rice for diets is also not a problem. It is important to balance the fulfillment of other food sources, such as vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and eggs.

For a diet to really work, don't just focus on the menu that is eaten every day. You are also required to exercise regularly, and change your lifestyle to be healthier. For example, reduce caffeine intake, avoid smoking, avoid alcoholic beverages, limit sugar intake, and avoid snacks that contain lots of salt and sugar.

Still curious about other intakes to support your diet program? don't hesitate to ask your doctor.

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