8 Right Ways to Drink Green Tea for Weight Loss

Without realizing it, green tea has extraordinary properties for our bodies. Maybe if you drink it once or twice it won't have any effect. It's different when you drink green tea every day. Surely you can feel the good effect for your body.

One of the benefits of green tea is that it can be consumed to run a diet program and lose weight. The content of antioxidants present in green tea will facilitate the body's metabolic processes so that the digestive process of the stomach becomes smooth.

The Right Way to Drink Green Tea for Weight Loss

This tea is believed to be able to lose weight if it is consumed in the right way. In order for the benefits to be obtained, avoid mixing anything into the green tea to be drunk. In addition, also know when is the best time to consume this drink. To be clearer, see the reviews about how to drink green tea below!

1. Don't Add Any Mixture

Do you like matcha latte or other green tea processed drinks? If you are on a diet, you should not add any mixture to green tea. Therefore, green tea mixed with milk, honey, or lime is not recommended for diet. It would be better if you really consume pure green tea leaves, if you want to lose weight.

The addition of milk or honey can increase the calorie content in green tea. While lime does have properties for weight loss, green tea mixed with lime is not recommended for consumption by people who have a history of ulcers.

2. Drink warm

Green tea can be enjoyed warm or cold. However, if you want properties for weight loss, you should enjoy green tea warm. If you brew the real green tea leaves directly, it's best to brew them with hot water at a temperature of 80-90 degrees Celsius. Leave it for a while until the tea becomes warm, then drink it up.

3. Drink 3-4 times a day

Apart from drinking it warm, this tea should be consumed 3-4 times a day. The best time to drink it is after breakfast, because drinking tea on an empty stomach can stimulate the production of stomach acid.

After that, drink green tea again during the day to refresh your body and mind after a busy activity. After dinner, you can go back to sipping a cup of green tea. However, apart from these times, you can also enjoy green tea in the afternoon after work.

Therefore, green tea not only helps the diet process, but can also make the body fresher. If you want further discussion about green tea consumption, you can discuss it with a nutritionist.

4. Avoid Drinking Green Tea Before Bed

If you are on a diet program, you should avoid drinking green tea before bed. Therefore, green tea contains caffeine, although the amount is not as much as coffee. This caffeine content can make it difficult for you to sleep if you drink it less than 2 hours before bedtime. Therefore, avoid drinking green tea before bed to prevent insomnia.

Lack of sleep will actually disrupt the body's metabolic processes, so that fat burning in the body is not optimal. So it's best to drink green tea after dinner. That means, you have to eat dinner less than 4 hours before bedtime. After eating, drink freshly brewed green tea.

5. Drink green tea before meals

If you don't have stomach acid, it's best to drink green tea before meals. The way to drink green tea for weight loss is to consume it 30 minutes before meals.

This is because it is believed to reduce hunger and make you a little full. In this way, when eating you will limit the portion of food.

6. Don't Just Rely on Green Tea

The various ways to drink green tea that have been described can indeed help the process of losing weight. However, please note that green tea is not a shortcut to having an ideal body weight, so you shouldn't just rely on green tea.

Green tea does contain epigalocatekin error (EGCG) to produce hormones that can speed up the fat burning process in the body, but you also have to pay attention to every food you eat. Like someone who is on a diet, you must reduce fatty and high-calorie foods. In addition, you also have to regularly exercise to speed up the process of burning fat and calories in the body.

7. Find Green Tea With Natural Ingredients

Don't get the wrong choice of green tea. You have to be good at choosing a quality green tea brand. You better check the green tea packaging ingredients before you buy it. Make sure you choose green tea that only contains natural ingredients without artificial preservatives.

There is one more tip for you, make sure you buy green tea from real tea leaves. This means not in powder packaging. Usually the more quality green tea is, the more expensive it will be. But again, you have to really make sure before buying it.

8. Not More Than Six Months

If the green tea you drink is more than six months old, the antioxidant content in green tea will be lost. So that you can say your green tea is not nutritious. Therefore, keep paying attention to the use of green tea, guys. This way of drinking tea to lose weight in addition to the morning after breakfast is during the day after a day of activities and also at night after dinner

Before you apply the right way to drink green tea for the diet and lose weight above, consult your doctor first. The doctor will explain the safe steps that you can apply to get the body shape you want.

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