Natural Rat Repellent Ingredients Without Chemicals, Safe For Humans

Rats are indeed one of the enemies of humans at home. How come? Its presence is a disadvantage for everyone because these rodents are not only dirty, but also a source of disease. His ingenuity in tricking the trap to kill him keeps him hanging around the life.

Not a few who use chemical-based poisons to repel mice. Though chemical rat poison is very dangerous, and can pose a risk of health problems in humans.

To avoid this, you can switch to using natural rat repellents.

Natural Rat Repellent Ingredients

Different from chemical rat poison, natural rat repellent ingredients are prepared from plants that are known to be effective in repelling and eradicating rats.

1. Noni fruit

Apart from being known to be efficacious in reducing the risk of uric acid and increasing endurance, noni or Morinda citrifolia can also be used as a natural rat repellent. How to use it is by taking the noni plant extract and spraying it around the hole or rat crossing path. Besides being effective at repelling rats, noni extract is also useful for repelling insect pests.

2. Grated coconut

Coconut or Cocos nucifera is a plant whose parts can be used. Not to mention that the flesh is delicious to eat and has a myriad of health benefits. Not many people know, coconut flesh can also be used as a natural rat repellent. How to use it is as follows:

  • Grate coconut.
  • Mix together the palm fruit, gadung tubers, cassava and pineapple.
  • Use it as bait and place it in holes or rats' trails.

3. Amethyst leaves

The next natural rat repellent material is amethyst leaves or Datura metel. Not just repelling, plants with antioxidant alkaloids, saponins, tlavonoids and polyphenols can be used as poison to kill mice and insect pests such as jengkal caterpillars. How to use them is by smoothing the amethyst leaves and then spreading them around the plant area as well as holes and rats' crossing.

4. Rubber latex

Rubber sap or Ficus elastica is also effective in killing rats. To use it as a rat repellent, place the gum around the holes and places where the rodents pass.

5. Citrus fruits

Apart from being known for its properties in maintaining eye and skin health, sweet orange or Citrus sp. It can also be used as a natural rat repellent. How to use it is by chopping citrus fruits and camphor, then sprinkle them in holes or areas where rats pass.

6. Nettle leaves

Nettle leaves or Urticaceae is a natural rat repellent. The way to use this plant is by placing it as bait for mice.

7. Castor seeds and leaves

The next natural rat repellent drugs are castor seeds and leaves. Plant extracts that contain antioxidant saponins, flavonoids and alkaloids are effective in repelling rodents, fungi and pests in plants.

8. Pepper Powder

Ground pepper is one of the most powerful ways to get rid of mice because of its hot aroma, which makes the mice run away in no time.

The use of ground pepper as a powerful way to get rid of rats from the house can be done by sprinkling ground pepper in every corner of the house.

9. Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are an effective way to repel mice from the house. You only need to spread the bay leaves to areas that rats frequent.

When mice eat them, even bay leaves can cause death for mice. Do it this way until all the mice have left, yes!

10. Soursop Leaves

Soursop leaves can be used as an effective way to repel mice because in the soursop leaves there is a stimulant substance that gives off an odor, and this smell will be avoided by mice.

You need to crush the cut soursop leaves into small pieces before placing them in areas of the room where rats often pass.

11. Coffee Powder

Besides being a friend for breakfast in the morning, it turns out that ground coffee can be used as a powerful way to get rid of mice.

Coffee will disguise the mouse's sense of smell because the coffee grounds have a very strong smell, so the mice will avoid areas where coffee grounds are found.

However, make sure that the coffee powder you sprinkle is black coffee powder.

12. Baking Soda

You need to understand this effective way to get rid of mice, here! Baking soda has other advantages to make mice go and even die.

You only need to mix baking soda with food that mice love. After this baking soda mixture reacts in the mice's stomach, the mice will not be able to excrete the gas in their bodies.

The mouse will go for a short time into the open space, before finally dying from holding the gas.


13. Cloves

Although cloves retain a fragrant smell and can soothe the body, the scent released by cloves is still disliked by rats. Cloves that you can use as a way to repel mice must be dry cloves. Or, you can also use cloves covered with a gauze wrap to repel mice.

14. Vinegar

White vinegar, which used to be your meatball eating companion, now has other benefits as a way to get rid of rats, you know! If you are interested in expelling rats from your home this way, you will need a cotton ball to cover with the vinegar.

After that, you need to put a cotton ball that has been mixed with vinegar into the rat nest.

15. Mint leaves

Mint leaves are a great way to keep mice out of your home. You need to crush the mint leaves by adding a little water mixture and placing the mint leaves mixed with water in a spray bottle.

You just need to spray a mixture of water and mint leaves on the areas that rats frequently explore.

16. Garlic

Who says kitchen spices can't be used as the main weapon to repel mice? Not only can it be used as a complement to the taste of a food, garlic plays a great role in driving mice out of the house effectively.

You will also need gauze to fill with garlic. Once wrapped, place the garlic packet covered with gauze in the area where the rats frequently visit.

17. Eggshell

After you finish frying the eggs, don't throw the egg shells away, Toppers! Egg shells have another benefit in keeping mice out of the house.

This method of getting rid of mice can be done first by drying the egg shells first and crushing them by pounding them. Then, you only need to sprinkle the eggshell collision into every corner of the house.

Those are some of the most effective ways to get rid of rats from the house by using natural ingredients that are often found in local life.

If the rats haven't left your house yet, it's better to use a rat repellent service. They have the right tools and know how to get rid of mice at home quickly. Don't underestimate the existence of rats. If left untreated, mice can cause damage, and worse, they can cause serious illness.

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