11 Natural Foods to Increase Children's Bodies That Are Worth Trying

Children's body enhancing food is not a myth. Because, various studies have proven the truth. Experts also believe that these various foods can meet the daily nutritional needs of children so that their body development will be maximized.
However, you also need to understand that genetic factors also play an important role in determining a person's height. Even so, there is nothing wrong for Father and Mother to provide a variety of foods to increase the child's body. Apart from being delicious, these foods can optimize your child's growth while maintaining their health.

Natural Foods that Increase Children's Bodies That Are Worth to Try

When the child has reached the maximum height, there is no way to increase his body. But take it easy, these healthy foods can strengthen bones and joints to keep them strong so that the child's height will be maintained until adulthood. Here are children's body enhancing foods that are worth a try.

1. Eggs

Eggs are a child's body enhancing food that should not be underestimated. In a study, it has been shown that children who regularly eat high-protein foods such as eggs have an increase in height, compared to other children with low protein intake.

2. Chicken Meat

Chicken meat is rich in vitamin B12, a nutrient that children need to grow tall. Plus, chicken meat contains the amino acid taurine which regulates bone formation and growth. Moreover, chicken meat also contains lots of protein. In a serving (about 85 grams) of chicken meat, contains 20 grams of protein. Therefore, invite your children to eat these body enhancing foods.

3. Almonds

Besides tasting delicious, the nutritional content of almonds is also healthy. But who would have thought, these nuts are also classified as enhancing foods for children. Almonds contain vitamin E which is very important for children's growth and development. In a study, it was proven that vitamin E deficiency can inhibit children's growth. That means, the child's height may not be optimal. Plus, almonds can maintain bone health.

4. Green leafy vegetables

If there is a competition for vegetables with the most vitamin K, maybe green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, kale to cabbage, will be the winner. Vitamin K is an important nutrient for child development. This is because this vitamin can increase bone density and support children's height growth.

5. Yogurt

Yogurt is a healthy drink that is quite popular among children. But rarely do you know that yogurt can help children's growth, including increasing their height. In addition to being able to maintain the body's immune system and prevent inflammation, several studies have shown that the probiotics in yogurt can increase children's growth.

6. Sweet potatoes

A study has shown that sweet potatoes contain vitamin A which can help children develop optimally, including increasing their height. It should also be understood that sweet potatoes also contain many nutrients that children need, for example fiber which can nourish the little one's digestive system.

7. Soybeans

Often consumed in the form of milk, it turns out that soybeans also hold the title of enhancing children's body food. Therefore, soybeans contain high protein and can support children's body growth. But unfortunately, experts have not found a relationship or correlation between soybeans and increased children's height. Further research is still needed to prove the efficacy of soybeans as a body-enhancing food.

8. Fruits

There are so many types of fruit that have a sweet taste that is easily accepted by the child's tongue. Make this an opportunity to get your little one getting used to eating fruits. This is because fruits contain lots of nutrients that can help a child's growth and development. At least stick one or two of them in a child's lunch box a day. Try to provide a variety of fruit types so that your little one doesn't get bored.

9. Quinoa

Quinoa is included in the complete protein group. That means, these foods have nine types of essential amino acids the body needs. Plus, quinoa is high in magnesium, which can increase bone mineral density.

10. Salmon

Salmon is a type of fish that is high in omega-3 fatty acids. This nutrient is very good for the heart and can support the growth and development of children. A study even states that omega-3 fatty acids also play a role in bone health and help increase the child's body. Plus, other studies have shown, children who are deficient in omega-fatty acids 3 will experience sleep disturbances. As a result, his body growth will be disrupted.

11. Milk

Milk is a drink that is familiar with children's life. This drink has many nutrients that can support the growth of your child's body. In addition, milk is also high in protein. In one cup (244 milliliters) of milk, there are 8 grams of protein in it, but remember to avoid giving your child milk if he or she has an allergy to this drink. Immediately consult a doctor to consult about how to overcome it.

Habits That Can Elevate The Child's Body

In addition to consuming various body-enhancing foods above, there are still healthy habits that can be done to elevate a child's body, including:

1. Swimming

Swimming is a fun physical activity, especially for children. When swimming, every member of the body experiences a good impact. That means swimming is a full body exercise. Swimming is believed to maintain posture and elevate the child's body.

2. Jump rope

Jumping rope or skipping is a type of cardio exercise that can raise a child's body. Because, all parts of the body are well affected when doing the jump rope movement. This sport is believed to help the child's body grow tall.

3. Walking (jogging)

Walking is a sport that is easy and fun to do, especially if it is done with family and friends. Invite your child to jog or walk around the housing or in the park. This simple exercise is believed to strengthen bones and increase the quality of growth hormone.

Make all of the above activities a daily habit in order to maximize your child's growth. Don't forget to also eat a variety of body-enhancing foods that are full of nutrients to meet your child's nutritional needs.

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