12 Health Benefits of Coriander: From Boosting Immunity to Face Detox

Coriander is one of the must-have spices in the kitchen. In addition to making food more savory, coriander can provide a relaxing effect, coriander is also one of the mainstay ingredients for perfume products to aromatherapy.

Although it is more popular as a kitchen spice, it turns out that coriander has many benefits for the health of our bodies. Usually, to get the benefits of coriander, we can consume it by making coriander soaking water.

Nutritional Content of Coriander

By consuming coriander, we can get various important nutrients for the body that are stored in it.

The following is the nutritional content in every 16 grams of coriander:

  • Calories 3.68
  • Fat 0.083 grams
  • Carbohydrates 0.587 grams
  • Protein 0.341 grams
  • Vitamin C
  • Provitamin A
  • Vitamin K
  • Folate
  • Potassium
  • Manganese
  • Choline
  • Beta carotene
  • Beta-cryptoxanthin
  • Lutein
  • Zeaxanthin

For the record, consuming coriander will bring benefits if the amount is right and not excessive. In addition, avoid consuming coriander for people with liver disease, respiratory problems and allergies.

Health Benefits of Coriander

As discussed above, the way to get the health benefits of coriander is to make it a soaked drink.

Well, from this concoction we can enjoy the benefits of this one spice. Here's a complete list of the benefits of coriander water.

1. Ward off Prostate and Breast Cancer

A study that examines the Latin spice called Coriandrum sativum shows that this herb can reduce the growth of cancer cells, especially prostate and breast.

Prostate cancer cells can be stunted and become less invasive. The content of coriander also avoids the grouping of cancer cells that make the condition worse.

Other research on cilantro has also shown anticancer effects against breast cancer cells and inhibits cell damage due to oxidative stress.

2. Lowering Blood Sugar Levels

Coriander seeds, extracts and oil can help lower blood sugar levels.

Research shows that coriander seeds reduce blood sugar by supporting the activity of enzymes that help control sugar in the blood.

A study examining obesity and high blood sugar found that coriander seed extract lowered blood sugar effectively. The way it works is similar to the effects of the blood sugar drug Glibenclamide.

3. Relieve Inflammation

The antioxidants contained in coriander are proven to be effective in fighting inflammation in the body.

The study found that the antioxidants in coriander seed extract decreased inflammation and slowed the growth of lung, prostate, breast, and colon cancer cells.

4. Maintain Brain Health and Memory

Diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's are linked to inflammation that occurs in the brain. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, coriander can protect the brain from these threats.

Research has found that the antioxidants from coriander extract protect against nerve cell damage due to the drug-induced seizure effects.

The study also notes that coriander improves memory, which can lower the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

5. Relieves Anxiety

Coriander can also help manage anxiety. So that we can be more relaxed and calm, especially for people with excessive anxiety.

Research shows that coriander extract is almost as effective as Diazepam, a drug commonly used to treat anxiety. That is why coriander is also processed into products such as essential oils.

6. Beneficial for Diet

To note, all parts of the coriander plant are edible. Including the dapunnya, which has a different taste when compared to seeds.

Coriander seeds are commonly used in food by roasting, added to pickles, roasted vegetables and cooked dishes.

Meanwhile, cilantro can be the right choice to complement soup or be used in pasta salads, or processed into a spice in the kitchen to get benefits in a diet program.

7. Strengthens Body Immunity

Immunity can be increased by consuming coriander, thanks to the high antioxidant content in it. This substance also helps ward off free radicals and prevent cell damage in the body.

8. Facial detox

Coriander can also function as a facial detox. You can use coriander powder to make it. Doing this detox with coriander will make your face feel fresher.

Take two to three tablespoons of ground coriander then mix it with salt in warm water until dissolved. Then wash the water on the face. Let stand for 10 minutes.

9. Overcoming acne

The vitamin content in coriander will balance the water concentration in the skin and can remove impurities that can make acne worse.

10. Brighten skin

You can make this coriander ingredient into a mask that is useful for brightening your face.

Combine the coriander powder and water, then stir until blended. After becoming a paste, apply it to the face. Do the massage slowly for about 15 minutes. Then let it dry and rinse using warm water.

11. Shrink pores

This common facial problem can be treated with coriander. You only need to prepare coriander powder.

How: mix coriander powder and water, then apply coriander paste on the face. Then let it dry, then rinse your face using warm water. After that, dry your face with a clean towel.

12. Prevent premature aging

The antioxidant content in coriander is also able to ward off free radicals that can damage skin cells. Apart from that, cilantro also helps treat several skin problems such as wrinkles, pigmentation, and sagging skin.

 If you have certain medical conditions and want to consume coriander as a herbal medicine, there is nothing wrong with consulting your doctor first to find out the safe steps that you can apply in using coriander for health.

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