Tips for Kids to Love Eating Vegetables and Fruits

Many mothers are overwhelmed when persuading their children to want to eat vegetables and fruits. In fact, if Mother knows how, it's not difficult to make children love eating vegetables and fruit.

Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, fiber, water, and low in fat. Besides containing a variety of nutrients that are good for growing and developing children, both types of food are also very easy to find and can be processed in many ways. But unfortunately, many children who do not like to eat vegetables and fruit.

Tips for Children to Love Fruits and Vegetables

Tired of cooking vegetables, but after that it was not touched at all by our children. Already shopping various types of fruit, not even tasted. Wow, if this is the case, Mother will be dizzy, right?

In fact, fruits and vegetables must be on every child's diet. Apart from being healthy, fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber and vitamins can also prevent children from constipation and obesity, and prevent children from various chronic diseases when they are adults, such as diabetes and hypertension.

Then, how do you make Little One like to eat fruits and vegetables?

1. Invite shopping together

If all this time Mother only taught your child about the names of fruits and vegetables through pictures, try to increase their interest by showing authentic fruits and vegetables. The trick, take your child when Mother shopping at the market or supermarket.

There, introduce a variety of fruits and vegetables to him. Ask your child to hold it directly while remembering the names, then explain that by diligently eating the fruits and vegetables, he will quickly grow big, strong, and healthy.

By increasing your child's interest in vegetables and fruit, Mother is one step closer to the goal, which is to make him love to eat vegetables and fruit.

2. Don't force it

Teach your child to like to eat vegetables and fruit not by force it, Bun. If forced, your child can actually hate vegetables and fruits, and become traumatized while eating.

Therefore, Mother must introduce fruits and vegetables in a creative way, for example by inviting her to make fruit soup, fruit satay, or a sandwich with fresh vegetables.

Make an interesting food menu for him. If your child likes pizza, create a pizza with a variety of vegetables or fruit. Don't forget to tell him that the fruits and vegetables on the pizza are very good for his health.

3. Include fruit and vegetables as a snack

Another trick to make children love to eat vegetables and fruit is to make it a snack. In the beginning, choose fruit that tastes sweet, like apples, pears, watermelons, or bananas. If your child is getting used to, introduce other fruits gradually, and occasionally interspersed with snacks from vegetables.

In addition to filling, snacks from fruits and vegetables are also healthy. However, don't forget to wash it thoroughly until it's completely clean before giving it to your child.

4. Be an example

If you want your child to love eating fruits and vegetables, then Mother, Father, and family members at home should also give an example. Get used to eating fruits and vegetables and not picking out food, especially when eating with your child.

It will be very difficult to make your child like to eat vegetables and fruit if Mother himself doesn't like it.

5. Recommend repeatedly

If your child refuses the fruits and vegetables that you gave, do not be disappointed and discouraged. This is reasonable, really. Don't jump to conclusions that your child doesn't like vegetables and fruits. Mother must be patient to introduce fruits and vegetables to your child repeatedly.

Try some of the tips above so that children love to eat vegetables and fruit. When you just start, it might feel difficult and sometimes annoying. However, don't give up quickly. Do it consistently, and create a pleasant atmosphere when giving vegetables and fruit to children.

If your child still does not want to eat fruits and vegetables to affect growth or health, do not hesitate to consult with your doctor to get the right treatment.

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