4 Herbal Medicine Choices for Cervical Cancer

Most people are generally familiar with surgery methods, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, target therapy, to immunotherapy as a number of ways to treat cervical cancer. Treatment of cervical cancer (cervix) is usually done on the recommendation of a doctor according to your conditions and needs.

In addition, there is also the use of herbal medicines that can be combined with the main treatment of cervical cancer. What are the recommended herbal medicines for cervical cancer that can be considered?

Choice of herbal medicines for cervical cancer

The use of herbal medicines is believed to help relieve the symptoms of cervical cancer. Because of its nature which helps to alleviate, the use of this herb is usually not given as a single treatment.

Generally, herbs are given together or to accompany the main treatment.

Because, there is no research that has been clinically tested that herbal plants can cure cervical cancer. Generally, this herbal remedy can only help to alleviate the symptoms of cervical cancer that are felt.

In addition, herbal medicines can also help maintain overall endurance during the process of undergoing primary treatment.

Herbal medicines are a group of traditional medicines which are processed from extracting or screening of natural ingredients. These materials can be in the form of medicinal plants or minerals.

The following are some kinds of herbal medicines to help treat cervical cancer symptoms based on research.

1. White Turmeric

Turmeric is identical to the yellow spices. However, this plant has another type, called white turmeric.

As the name implies, this plant is more likely to be white with a yellowish tinge. This herbal plant is believed to help treat cervical cancer.

Almost all parts of the white turmeric plant can be used as a basic ingredient of medicine. Rhizomes, leaves, until the oil can be processed into basic ingredients of herbal medicines that are usually used to relieve conditions due to cervical cancer.

Quoting from the Indonesian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, white turmeric is one of several herbal medicines that are often used in the treatment of cervical cancer. Reinforced from the Article Review Regarding Cervical Anticancer Activity, this plant with the Latin name Curcuma zedoaria contains ethanol compounds in it.

These ethanoyl compounds are believed to kill the development of cancer cells. In addition, the content of curcumin in the turmeric rhizome also has apoptotic activity.

Apoptosis is a mechanism to reduce or eliminate a number of cells that are not needed in the body. Therefore, this plant can be used to help overcome cervical cancer.

2. Black cumin

The next herbal medicine that can help overcome various conditions due to cervical cancer is black cumin. Black cumin has a grainy shape with a fairly small size.

How to use it can take oil extract or black cumin extract. Black cumin extract is known to have anticancer activity in it.

Not only that, black cumin also contains a compound called timoquinone. Tumoquinone compounds are believed to help kill cervical cancer cells (Hela), by acting like apoptosis.

3. Basil

You might be familiar enough to see basil leaves in a plate of fresh vegetables with some other vegetables. Not only delicious and fresh, basil leaves also have health benefits to help in the treatment of cervical cancer.

Based on research results published in the journal Pharmaceutical Media, basil leaves contain ethanol extract which has the potential to be cytotoxic and apoptotic.

Therefore, basil is included as one of the herbal medicines that can inhibit the development of cervical cancer cells. Not only that, the content of flavonoids that are also found in this plant can act as anticancer in cervical cancer cases.

4. Soursop seeds

If soursop is usually only used fruit, soursop seeds are now thought to be used as herbal medicine for the treatment of cervical cancer. This is caused by the presence of ethanol extract in soursop seeds. Ethanol itself is known to have anticancer properties which is certainly very useful for cervical cancer patients.

Annoceous acetogenin is also one of the compounds present in soursop seeds. This compound is believed to be able to work effectively to inhibit and kill selective cancer cells.

Specifically, the annoceous acetogenin compound can attack cancer cells precisely by looking at the body's need for adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This is because ATP is useful as an intermediary in the energy exchange between cells.

Cancer cells themselves usually tend to need more ATP in greater amounts than normal cells in general.

Consult a doctor before taking herbal medicine for cervical cancer

The use of herbal medicines is basically just as an additional treatment. So far, herbal medicine has not been proven to replace medical drugs for cervical cancer.

The main treatment for cervical cancer must be based on the advice and actions of the doctor. Before you use herbal medicines to treat cervical cancer, try to always consult with your doctor first.

Because, using herbal medicines without consulting a doctor is feared to be able to affect and disrupt the main treatment process provided. Especially for those of you who are currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment, you should avoid using herbs if you don't have the approval of a doctor.

Even when the doctor has given you a "green light" for taking herbal medicine, ask for the right product recommendations.

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