7 Benefits of Mango Skin for Health, Help Lower Cholesterol

Mango skin is often overlooked. Usually people only eat the flesh. Though mango skin has benefits to help maintain and improve health.

Mango skin can prevent and overcome various types of diseases, including diabetes and skin diseases. You should eat mangoes together with the peel.

Before consuming it, of course you should pay attention to cleanliness from outside the skin of the mango fruit so that it is safe for consumption. You need to wash the mango thoroughly so that chemicals and bacteria that stick to it are not consumed to the body.

Mango skin is quite attached to the flesh. Thus, the nutrition of the skin and the flesh do not differ much.

Mango skin contains nutrients and natural compounds such as polyphenols, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin E, to carotenoids. All nutrients in mango skin can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

A study also showed mango peel extract has high antioxidant and anticancer content. Then, what are the benefits?

But before knowing a series of benefits of mango skin, you should know how to consume them first as follows.

How to consume Mango Skin

Some people are certainly familiar with eating mangoes and their skin. There are even people who prefer to eat mangoes without peeling, especially when consumed as fruit salad.

Mango skin is highly recommended for all people, both men and women. This fruit skin contains low calories and high fiber. Just like the flesh, mangoes also store vitamins A, C and E, and contain folate, B6, iron, to calcium.

Mango skin is a good source of antioxidants and contains phytochemicals that are needed by the body to maintain health and prevent disease. But unfortunately there are still people who are reluctant to consume mango skin.

If you don't like to consume it directly, you can process mango juice along with the skin so you don't have to bother chewing it. In addition, you can also drink mango skin cooking water regularly for a healthier and fitter body.

Benefits of Mango Skin for Health and Prevent Disease

Mango skin has quite a lot of nutrients. So that the skin of this one is able to prevent various diseases such as the following:

1. Lowering Cholesterol and Maintaining Heart Health

Mango skin also has vitamin C and high fiber which can help reduce bad cholesterol levels.

This tropical fruit rind is also rich in potassium which is needed by the body. Potassium functions to balance body fluid cells to control blood pressure and heart rate. Moreover, mango skin is believed to reduce cholesterol and improve heart health.

2. Prevent Cancer

Mango skin contains pectin, a soluble dietary fiber that efficiently lowers cholesterol levels in the blood. This compound can also prevent the development of prostate cancer cells.

A study from The European Prospective Investigation of Cancer found a strong relationship between mangoes and their skin, which is to reduce the risk of cancer, especially in the digestive tract.

3. Overcoming Obesity

Another benefit of mango skin is preventing obesity and losing weight. This rind contains high fiber which can facilitate digestion and can reduce calories.

Mango peel plays an important role in eliminating digestive disorders such as constipation. Mango skin contains bioactive ingredients to improve the function of the digestive system.

The content of the fiber in the mango skin will also help launch the digestive system so that food waste is not buried long in the body and causes it to become fat.

4. Help Cure Anemia

Mango skin is believed to cure anemia or lack of blood cells. The skin on mangoes has iron which can help eliminate anemia by increasing the number of red blood cells in the body.

5. Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

A study found mango peel extract has anti-diabetic properties that are effective in dealing with diabetes. The content will reduce blood sugar levels very significantly.

Mango skin is highly recommended for people with diabetes, and for those of you who are at risk of developing diabetes. Mango skin will be very useful for controlling blood sugar levels.

The trick, you can process mango juice along with the skin, or drink it by boiling it.

Benefits of Mango Skin for Beauty

6. Improve Skin Health

High levels of antioxidants contained in mangoes, making it able to improve the health and beauty of your skin. Mango is very useful both meat, seeds, and skin.

The benefits of mango skin can also delay premature aging so it looks youthful. Mango skin is also able to reduce acne scars, age spots, and wrinkles on the face.

The trick, you can smooth the mango skin with a blender. Use mango skin masks regularly two days once.

7. Maintaining Hair Health

Not only for skin beauty, mango skin is also able to increase hair growth, reduce dandruff, and prevent various hair damage such as dry hair and split ends.

Mango seed masks are very suitable to strengthen hair follicles and prevent hair loss.

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