8 Benefits of Lime for Facial Skin Care

Lime has many benefits. One of them relates to facial skin. Lime is often used as a basic ingredient for skin care products. This is mainly related to the vitamin C content in lime which is very abundant.

Not only vitamin C, lime juice also contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, carbohydrates, fiber, fat, protein, calcium, folic acid, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and sugar. Not to mention the presence of citric acid which makes it taste sour.

Benefits of Lime for Facial Skin Care

The benefits of lime for the face are obtained from a variety of nutrients. Facial skin care with lime is usually done by utilizing the juice results. Afterwards, you only need to apply the lime juice to the face, leave it for several minutes, then rinse the face thoroughly.

However, the use of lime as a treatment on facial skin also has several risks. On facial skin with acne scars, applying lime can cause pain. In addition, acidic substances in lime also risk making the skin dry, reddish, sore, until irritation.

So, before applying the benefits of lime for facial skin, you should consult with your doctor first to be safer and get optimal benefits.

Here are the benefits of lime for facial skin:

1. Brighten the Face

The benefits of lime for the first skin is to brighten the face. Dead skin cells that are still left on the face are often the cause of dull face. The face will be more dull when dead skin cells accumulate. The content of citric acid in lime skin can slough off dead skin cells.

Lime is rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin C. For those of you who are used to outside activities, exposed to sunlight, dust and dirt, lime juice can be the solution. Its ability can brighten facial skin and can regenerate skin cells.

Even the content of AHA or anti-oxidant is also widely used by some cosmetics as the main ingredient for facial lightening. With the benefits of removing dead skin cells, lime is believed to brighten the face naturally. Simply by using lime juice as a mask twice a week, then you can get a brighter face.

2. Overcoming Early Aging

Furthermore, the benefits of lime for facial skin one of which can overcome premature aging. Various factors can cause the face to look aging faster, such as pollution, sun exposure, and daily food. Moreover, the symptoms of premature aging such as wrinkles, black spots, etc. are certainly not very visible on your face.

Lime can be a natural ingredient as an anti-aging, replacing various creams commonly used by women with its chemical contents. By rubbing the lime skin on the face, or using a mask made of lime skin, you can overcome premature aging of your face.

3. Treating Acne

Benefits of lime for facial skin can also treat acne. People with oily skin are certainly familiar with acne. This is because there is usually a problem of blockage in the pores of the face, causing acne.

With the water content of lime which has antibiotic properties, the bacteria that causes acne can be overcome. You can also use lime juice mixed with honey to treat acne. By using it routinely for once a week, you can get a zit-free face.

4. Disguise Acne Scars and Black Spots

For those of you who are already experiencing severe inflammation of the face that is due to acne and want to immediately remove the scars as well, you can apply lime to disguise the former acne scars and black spots on the face.

Of course, acne scars or black spots are very disturbing appearance. You can use lime masks every other day to disguise acne scars and dark spots on the face. So the benefits of lime are very important for people with acne.

5. Makes the skin glow

In addition, the benefits of lime for facial skin next is able to reduce oil on the face so as to make facial skin cleaner.

In addition, lime juice which is drunk in a warm condition and added with honey will have a radiant effect on the skin. Drink a glass of warm water containing lime juice and honey in the morning regularly. The drink will make facial skin glow and look more beautiful.

6. As a Facial Cleanser

The benefits of lime for the next facial skin is as a facial cleanser. This relates to the antibiotic properties that exist in the lime juice. That way various bacteria that stick to the face due to various reasons can be reduced by using lime.

If you clean your face using lime juice, the growth of bacteria on the face will be suppressed. Bacterial growth is inhibited and the face becomes clean of various impurities and bacteria.

7. Maintain Skin Moisture

There are studies that show that vitamin C can prevent skin from losing a lot of water so that moisture is maintained. In addition, lime juice can also be a good supplemental nutrition to keep facial skin moist.

8. Overcoming the Brown Color on the Skin Due to Sunlight

Sun exposure certainly cannot be avoided by every human being. Unwittingly, sun exposure makes the face turn brown. Benefits of lime for facial skin can also be a solution for this one complaint.

Lime juice can be used to eliminate brown skin problems due to sun exposure. The benefits of lime for facial skin on this one you can get by using lime juice which is added with flour (besan) or forehead (curd) so that it is shaped like a paste and dab on the face once a week.

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