5 Benefits of Indoor Cactus Plants, Good for Health

The benefits of cactus plants in the room can certainly beautify the room with a unique and beautiful shape. Not infrequently now many people maintain cacti at home. However, not only serves to beautify the room, cactus was also good for health.

There are various kinds of cactus with a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that need to be considered in maintaining it. How many types of cacti such as the Parodia cactus, Haworthia (Zebra Cactus), Beaver Tail, senile Chepalocereus, Pincushion, Fairy Castle and Gymnocalycium ornamental Cactus can be an option for beginners because they have extra endurance and do not need difficult treatments.

Benefits of Indoor Cactus Plants

The benefits of cactus plants indoors are mainly related to the cleanliness of the air. No wonder the cactus plant is becoming popular, this is because the benefits that can help breathing and clean the air in the room is very good for health.

1. Helps Breathing

The benefits of cactus plants in the first room are able to help breathing. This plant can help remove carbon dioxide which is the residual gas of breathing by absorbing it, then turning it into a source of nutrition for the cactus.

In addition, the cactus in the room also releases fresh oxygen for you to breathe, especially at night so it can greatly help improve sleep quality.

2. Clean the air

The benefits of cactus plants in the next room are cleaning the air. Cactus works very well to clean the air and get rid of poisons. This certainly makes the room more comfortable to be occupied.

Research conducted by NASA found that cactus plants were able to eliminate 87 percent of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as benzene and formaldehyde. These compounds are often found on carpets, cigarette smoke, grocery bags, books, and ink. Of course, the benefits of cactus plants in the room one is very well used in your home.

3. Increase focus

You who often can not focus when working or doing work at home or in the office can also maintain the cactus. This is because the benefits of cactus plants indoors are also good for increasing focus.

Several studies of students and workers show that concentration, attention, and brainpower increase when studying or working with plants in the room.

Based on studies from the University of Michigan, the presence of plants near you can increase memory retention by as much as 20 percent. In addition, a study conducted in England found that students showed 70% greater attention when studying in a room with plants.

4. Helps Prevent Disease

The benefits of cactus plants indoors are also useful to help prevent disease. About 10 percent of the humidity in the atmosphere is water released by plants. The same thing applies to the house or room.

The more plants you have, the more humid the home environment. Research from the Agricultural University of Norway found that the level of pain in offices that have plants decreased by 60%.

Good moisture will make you avoid dry skin, dry cough, and sore throat. Cactus is also known to be very effective at killing bacteria. So, you can use it to maintain health from disease.

5. Recover Pain faster

Not only does it help prevent disease, the benefits of cactus indoors can also recover some diseases faster. Maintaining cactus can help you to reduce flu symptoms, headaches, fever, and cough.

According to researchers from Kansas State University, hospital patients whose rooms have plants need fewer painkillers, have lower blood pressure and heart rate, and experience less anxiety and fatigue.

Those are some of the benefits of maintaining cactus indoors for health. You can maintain it at home and take care of it regularly to simultaneously support your health and family at home.

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