9 Natural Dry Cough Medication Choices You Can Find at Home

Dry and itchy cough in the throat is very annoying. Then, how to treat cough if not healed? Do not worry! You can try several natural dry cough medicines below. Maybe the ingredients for making traditional dry cough medicine you already have at home.

Choice of natural dry cough medicine

A dry cough that keeps popping up not only irritates you, but can also make your body weak. The reason is, dry cough can make the chest feel sore and sore throat. Although it is certainly not effective, using cough medicines from natural ingredients can be a safe treatment option.

Well, here are a selection of natural dry cough medicines that you can try to relieve dry cough.

1. Honey

You can use honey as a natural dry cough medicine at home.

According to some studies, honey is effective for relieving cough. In fact, the efficacy of traditional dry cough medicine is more influential in curing children's cough than drugs containing dextromethorphan and diphenhydramine (antihistamines).

In addition, honey as a cough medicine can also increase endurance, so your condition gets better faster.

To use honey as a natural cough medicine, you can simply mix 2 tablespoons of honey into warm fresh tea. At the end of the concoction, give a little lemon juice. Drink this cough concoction of honey a day or twice a day until your condition improves somewhat.

Although it has many health benefits, make sure you do not give honey as a natural dry cough medicine for children under 1 year. Honey contains the bacterium Spostridium botulinum spore which can cause botulism in infants.

2. Mint leaves

The content of menthol on mint leaves is believed to help relieve sore throats due to irritation so that it can be used as a natural dry cough medicine. So that the dry cough that you experience quickly subsides, you can breathe warm steam from a mixture of 4 drops of mint leaf essential oil in a cup of hot water.

To make a traditional dry cough medicine, choose quality leaves for maximum benefits. Mint leaves are good and fit for consumption as a natural cough remedy usually whose surface is bright green and not stained.

3. Ginger

From the myriad benefits of ginger, this one herb was also effective to relieve asthma and can be used as a natural dry cough medicine. Ginger contains anti-inflammatory compounds that can help relax the membranes in the airways, so that the intensity of your cough is reduced.

Although useful, make sure you use ginger for traditional dry cough medicines in moderation. Because, consuming too much cough medicine from ginger can cause stomach pain and heartburn. You can make ginger or chew it raw.

However, instead of buying ginger in any place, you better make it yourself at home. Besides being more economical, you can also ensure that the ingredients used to make ginger are guaranteed of its quality.

The following guidelines make ginger as a natural cough medicine that is easy and healthy:
  • Prepare 1 segment of fresh medium ginger.
  • Peel the ginger until clean and then grate or grow fine.
  • Boil the ginger that has been refined before in 4 cups of water.
  • Wait until it boils, strain and serve.

Ginger water as a cough medicine can be drunk both hot and cold. If the taste of ginger is too strong, you may add palm sugar or lemon juice.

4. Pineapple

You might never have thought that pineapple is one of the natural dry cough medicines. The benefits of pineapple as a traditional dry cough medicine are obtained from bromelanin, an enzyme contained in pineapple.

Bromelanin acts as an effective anti-inflammatory agent to relieve inflammation in the airways, thereby reducing the frequency of coughing and soothing the throat. Not only that, natural cough medicines containing bromelanin are also mucolytic so they can help thin the excess phlegm and eliminate it from your body.

You can eat fresh pineapple or process it into juice. You can eat this fruit at least 2-3 times a day to relieve dry cough.

However, before trying to use pineapple as a natural cough medicine, make sure that you don't have an allergy to this fruit. For people who have a history of allergies and remain determined to consume pineapple, they may be at high risk of experiencing dangerous side effects.

5. Garlic

For some people, chewing raw garlic is staying digadang as a powerful natural dry cough medicine.

Garlic actually does not have special benefits for coughing. Even so, this herbal one can prevent you from further infections that can cause coughing, such as penumonia or bronchitis. This is because garlic as a natural dry cough medicine has antiviral, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties which are considered effective for killing various disease-causing organisms.

A study in the journal Advances in Therapy also found something similar about the benefits of garlic as a traditional dry cough medicine. In the study, the researchers found that garlic consumed regularly can help increase endurance while preventing and / or alleviating flu symptoms, one of which can cause coughing.

So, it should be emphasized that consuming garlic as a natural dry cough medicine regularly is more effective to prevent various types of diseases.

6. Thyme

Thyme is an herbal plant from Egypt which is included in the mint family. Thyme leaves have many health benefits, one of which is a natural dry cough medicine.

Thyme leaves can be used as a traditional dry cough medicine because they contain antioxidant compounds, flavonoids, which can relax the throat muscles and reduce inflammation.

To make a natural dry cough medicine from thyme leaves, you can brew 2 teaspoons of dried thyme leaves in 1 cup of hot water. Then, stir the mixture of this traditional dry cough medicine and wait a few minutes before filtering. Drink thyme tea while it's warm.

7. Salt water

Salt water gargling can make the throat discomfort ease, even if only for a while. The reason, salt water from herbs is based on the principle of osmosis and homestasis, which is to overcome problems in inflamed tissue by absorbing all the water content and helping to relieve pain.

To make a natural dry cough concoction from salt water, you can mix half a teaspoon of salt into a cup of warm water. Then, gargle to the right, to the left, and while looking up (but not swallowed). Then poop. Gargle with this natural dry cough medicine a few times or until your condition begins to improve.

However, avoid giving this traditional dry cough medicine to infants and children because they might not be able to rinse their mouth properly. Ideally, this natural dry cough medicine is used for children over the age of 6 years and adults.

8. Black pepper tea

Black pepper tea ingredients are famous as a traditional dry cough medicine from China. Black pepper contains substances that are able to hold air circulation and mucous flow in the postnasal drip so it does not enter the throat.

How to make black pepper tea concoction as a natural dry cough medicine is quite easy. Provide 1 teaspoon of ground black pepper and 2 tablespoons of honey in a cup. Then pour with hot water and cover the glass for 15 minutes. Strain the tea and drink the mixture of this natural dry cough medicine while it's warm.

You can also mix honey in black pepper stew as a mild antibiotic as well as a flavor enhancer in this natural dry cough medicine mixture.

9. Lime

Lime is widely used as one of herbal medicinal ingredients because this fruit contains essential oils and various substances that can relax muscles in the respiratory tract. As a natural dry cough medicine, this one fruit also has properties to reduce heat and overcome hoarseness due to itchy throat, which may be another symptom that follows coughing.

Natural dry cough medicine from lime juice can be mixed with honey to relieve the symptoms of cough, while reducing the sour taste of the lime itself.

Some studies say that the sweet taste in honey can trigger the production of saliva and mucous to moisturize the throat.

This traditional dry cough medicine is not recommended for children under 1 year. As mentioned above, honey as a natural dry cough medicine can cause dangerous side effects if given to infants or children under 1 year of age.

Way other than taking traditional dry cough medicine

In addition to taking a variety of traditional dry cough medicines above, there are several other ways you can do to help relieve your symptoms. Some of them are like:

1. Drink lots of water

When coughing, make sure you meet enough water intake. Besides being able to relieve itching in the throat, drinking water can also help you avoid the risk of dehydration. If you do not drink much water, instead of the body recovering quickly the condition can even get worse.

In this case, it can be said that water can be a natural dry cough medicine choice.

To use it as a natural cough medicine, drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. However, if you still feel thirsty, you can add water intake according to your needs. Actually there is no definite rule how much water should be drunk to be useful for the treatment of dry cough. In essence, drink immediately whenever you feel thirsty.

2. Use an air humidifier

Humidifier is a device that works to moisturize the air around you. Breathe the humidified air, has been proven to help treat cough naturally. Humid and clean air can increase the smoothness of the respiratory tract.

Besides being able to be used to overcome problems in the nose and throat, a humidifier also serves to prevent the development of viruses and bacteria that grow in dry air.

Before using a humidifier, make sure you adjust the humidity properly. High humidity only encourages the growth of mold and dust mites, which in the end can actually worsen your condition. At the same time, when the humidity is too low, you can experience eye, nose and throat irritation.

You don't need a humidifier that is too sophisticated or expensive, but choose the right size for the room to be used. Also make sure that the humidifier that you use as an alternative to traditional dry cough medicine is easy to clean and can automatically die if the water tank runs out while you sleep or leave the room.

3. Eat probiotic foods

One of the possible side effects of a dry cough is the lack of immune immunity in your body. So that your immune immunity does not keep decreasing, you can consume probiotic food as a traditional dry cough medicine.

Probiotics themselves are good bacteria that can help increase the growth of good bacteria in the intestine. From this important function, probiotics can be used as natural dry cough medicines. Some of the most common types of probiotics and can be used as traditional dry cough medicines are lactic acid bacteria, such as lactobacillus and bifidobacteria.

Another way to take probiotics as a natural cough medicine is to eat foods such as kimchi, kefir milk, apple cider vinegar, or even kombucha tea for health.

4. Soak in warm water

A warm bath actually has the same properties as eating warm food that functions as a natural dry cough medicine. Steam produced from warm water can help loosen secretions in the nose so that the cough becomes lighter. In other words, this method provides the same recovery effect as other traditional dry cough medicines.

Warm bath helped relieve coughing not only because of colds, but also allergies. Even though it is useful in the treatment of natural coughs, make sure you don't take a shower or soak for too long in warm water. Because the traditional dry cough medicine can actually make the skin dry.

If the various natural dry cough medicines above do not also make your dry cough subside or even worse, consult a doctor immediately. Your doctor will prescribe a dry cough medicine that is tailored to your condition. In addition, do not also hesitate to consult a doctor if you want to consume cough medicines from natural ingredients.

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