7 Benefits of Black Cumin for Health

Black cumin is also known as Nigella sativa. This plant is widely grown in Eastern Europe, West Asia and the Middle East.

Apart from being used as a spice in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine, the benefits of black cumin are also popular as traditional medicinal ingredients, which have been practiced for thousands of years.

In the form of oil, black cumin contains thymoquinone. This type of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound is thought to have the ability to inhibit tumors.

Typically, black cumin oil is consumed in capsule form, or it can also be applied directly to the skin. Sometimes, this oil is also added to skin care products.

Various benefits of black cumin for health based on scientific research

It is said that it has been used as traditional medicine for 2,000 years in the Middle East, black cumin oil is believed to be efficacious in treating asthma, diabetes, hypertension and other medical conditions. Some claims are supported by scientific evidence, but some still need further proof.

Here are some of the benefits of black cumin for your health and beauty:

1. Weight Loss

Some studies have found that black cumin supplements can help in decreasing body mass index. The participants in the research did not even feel any side effects from the use of this supplement.

Study the results of a study in the Journal of Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders which concluded that black cumin oil has the potential to be used to overcome the problem of obesity.

2. Maintain skin beauty

People who suffer from eczema can benefit from black cumin as a medicine. There is small-scale research comparing the benefits of treatment with black cumin and prescription drugs. The results show that black cumin oil can relieve the symptoms of eczema on the hands.

For those who experience acne problems, the anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effects of Black Cumin oil can be a solution. Based on a study, 58% of participants who used this oil as an acne drug, stated that the response to treatment was good.

The efficacy of black cumin in the form of oil is also believed to be able to moisturize the hair and soften the skin. Even so, it still needs further research to prove it scientifically.

3. Overcoming male infertility

In a clinical trial of men who have abnormal sperm, it was found that the use of black cumin oil can improve sperm movement, increase the amount, and increase the volume of semen.

4. Treat rheumatoid arthritis

Based on certain research results, the benefits of black cumin in the form of oil are thought to help treat rheumatoid arthritis.

In the research, 43 women with mild and moderate rheumatoid arthritis were given capsules of black cumin oil or placebo every day for one month. The results show that administration of black cumin oil can reduce arthritis symptoms in the form of inflammation and swelling of the joints.

5. Relieve symptoms of allergies in the airways

The benefits of black cumin oil look promising in the field of allergy treatment. Based on research, black cumin oil can reduce allergic symptoms in the form of blockages in the nose, itchy nose, runny nose, and sneezing after two weeks of use.

Other research also found that black cumin oil has the potential to treat sinusitis thanks to anti-inflammatory compounds, antioxidants, antihistamines, antimicrobials and the analgesic effects they contain.

6. Control the condition of diabetes

Black cumin oil also has the potential to benefit diabetes control. Black cumin is thought to improve blood sugar levels and blood cholesterol levels in diabetics.

However, further and extensive clinical trials are still needed to ascertain the benefits of the black cumin.

7. Control asthma symptoms

The results of a study stated that people with asthma who took black cumin supplements experienced a significant improvement in the condition.

Please remember that some of the benefits of black cumin still need broader scientific research so that the results are truly accurate. Therefore, do not use black cumin supplements carelessly.

Black cumin side effects are feared

No known side effects that will arise due to the use of black cumin oil in the long term or when consumed in excess of the amount normally contained in cooking.

Until now, there is not enough scientific evidence to determine the exact dosage of its use so that the benefits of black cumin can be obtained optimally. This dose may depend on age, health conditions, and other factors.

Its effects on the kidneys and liver

There is concern that consuming too much Black Seed has the potential to harm the kidneys and liver.

Interaction with drugs

Black cumin can interact with certain drugs. For example, beta blockers and blood thinning drugs.

Impact on pregnant women

Pregnant women, who plan to get pregnant soon, and breastfeed are not advised to use Black Seed supplements. Why?

Black cumin can cause the uterus can not contract, so it will be difficult during labor later. Therefore, you need to discuss it with your doctor first if there really is an intention to consume it.

The benefits of black cumin for food flavor have indeed been proven. However, large-scale and extensive clinical trials are needed to determine whether black cumin can be used as a remedy for certain diseases and medical conditions.

If you want to try using black cumin as a treatment, it is recommended that you always consult a doctor first. With this, your doctor will determine whether you are suitable or not to use it so that the benefits of black cumin can be obtained optimally and does not harm health.

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