5 Benefits of Orange Juice for Health, Good for Pregnant Women

Orange juice is a healthy drink that is quite popular in various parts of the world. Orange juice is usually orange or yellowish.

Orange juice has a sweet or sour taste. The myriad benefits of orange juice are undoubtedly for health because it has a high nutritional content.

Benefits of Orange Juice for Health

The benefits of orange juice are varied, ranging from health to beauty. This drink is known to be able to overcome a variety of disease problems, including heartburn or inflammation.

Orange juice is also famous for being able to detox toxins from the body because it has strong antioxidant compounds. This drink is able to make someone refreshed and fit. Orange juice is very good for everyone, both children and parents.

This healthy drink is quite easy to make, in fact many are sold anywhere with relatively cheap prices. Orange juice is a mainstay menu for those who want to refresh the body after consuming heavy food.

So what are the benefits? Here are some of the benefits of orange juice for health and beauty:

1. Preventing Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are frozen mineral crystals, so they will hurt every urination. People who are prone to kidney stones are usually those who often hold back urination and drink less water.

But not to worry, because you can prevent it by drinking orange juice. One glass of orange juice will prevent the formation of kidney stones, because thanks to the content in oranges and minerals that will increase the volume of urination and increase urine pH.

2. Lose Weight

Orange juice is known to be effective for weight loss. This drink is often used as a diet menu by many people. Chancellor orange juice is able to facilitate digestion, so that fat does not accumulate in the body.

Orange juice is high in fiber and heavy molecular substances can dissolve easily in the stomach. After that, the anioxidant compound of orange juice will decay stubbornly weak and make it into an energy reserve.

3. Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease

Orange juice can maintain a person's heart health if consumed regularly. The content in orange juice has the ability to control high blood pressure, treat headaches and nausea, and reduce stress.

The results of a study by the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, revealed consuming orange juice every day and balanced with exercise, proven effective in reducing high blood pressure and maintaining heart health.

According to the results of research in Japan, people who diligently consume orange juice will avoid heart disease and stroke.

4. Good for Pregnant Women

Every pregnant woman certainly needs more nutrients, vitamins and minerals to maintain the health of the baby in the womb. If a pregnant woman lacks nutrition, it will have a negative impact on the development of her baby.

But not to worry, orange juice can meet the nutritional needs of pregnant women. This healthy drink contains vitamin C is quite high. The contents in orange juice can also help blood pressure and fluid balance in the body.

Vitamin C in orange juice can also protect the fetus from free radicals thereby avoiding birth defects. The content of vitamin A found in orange juice also functions as an antioxidant and helps the immune system, vision, and nervous system in infants.

5. Prevent Cancer

Orange juice is very helpful for preventing cancer cell growth. This healthy drink contains nutrients that play an active role in killing bad cells that cause cancer.

Orange juice also has flavonoid compounds which act as antioxidants. The content can counteract the development and growth of cancer cells.

In addition, orange juice also has antioxidant and anti-cancer properties to kill cancer cells, especially skin and lung cancer.

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