4 Benefits of Lime for the Face

Maybe you've heard that one of the benefits of lime is to help facial skin become smoother and brighter. That might be true. The reason is, lime contains a variety of nutrients and substances that are good for skin health. Lime is even used as a basic ingredient for skin care products.

Lime contains many nutrients that are beneficial to the body, such as fiber, carbohydrates, sugar, folate, and iron. In addition, this low-calorie fruit also contains vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, and antioxidants.

Of all the nutrients present in lime, vitamin C is believed to be the most beneficial for skin health. That is why, many skin care products that contain vitamin C as the basic ingredients.

Various Benefits of Lime for Facial Skin

Facial skin care with lime is done by utilizing the juice results. You only need to apply the lime juice to the face, leave it for several minutes, then rinse your face thoroughly.

Here are some of the benefits of applying lemon on the face:

1. Maintain skin moisture

There are studies that show that vitamin C can prevent skin from losing a lot of water so that moisture is maintained. In addition, lime juice can also be a good supplemental nutrition to keep facial skin moist.

2. Brighten the skin

Lime which contains lots of vitamin C is believed to smooth the skin and reduce dullness. This is because vitamin C can help the production of collagen in the skin. The result, the face will look brighter and younger.

3. Reducing signs of aging

The content of vitamin C and high antioxidants in lime can protect skin cells from the effects of free radicals. Not only that, vitamin C is also believed to be able to accelerate wound recovery, relieve skin redness, counteract the effects of sun exposure, and eliminate eye bags.

4. Prevent and treat acne

In addition to vitamin C, lime juice also contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) which can help exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. This effect can help prevent clogged pores and treat acne.

Some of the benefits of lime might make you interested to try it immediately. But remember, these claims still require further evidence and research.

Beware of Side Effects

Although natural, the use of lime as a treatment on facial skin also has several risks. On facial skin with acne scars, applying lime can cause pain. Acid in lime is also at risk of making the skin dry, reddish, irritated with irritation.

Before deciding to use lime on your face, you should consult your dermatologist first, especially if you have sensitive facial skin. If after applying lemon juice, the skin turns red and sore, rinse immediately and stop using it.

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