Herbal Tea Drink Recipes To Increase Women's Fertility

The presence of a baby is highly expected by a married couple. To succeed, male and female fertility is the main thing. For those of you who want to have a baby soon, the recipe for herbal drinks below can be tried.

The herbal drink is a mixture of turmeric and cinnamon. Turmeric and cinnamon ingredients have efficacious ingredients for health. These two kitchen ingredients are added with green tea to make a delicious and healthy drink.

Benefits of Turmeric

Aside from being a kitchen ingredient, turmeric is believed to relieve a number of health problems.

Research says that turmeric can overcome infections caused by cancer, reduce inflammation, and treat digestive problems. Not only that, the content of turmeric is also good for treating skin and hair.

Turmeric is also allegedly able to help a woman's reproductive fertility which certainly increases the likelihood of having offspring. It is not separated from the benefits of turmeric as an anti-inflammation and enhance the body's immune system. The content of antioxidants in turmeric is also good for fighting free radicals and removing toxins.

Benefits of cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the most popular herbs used throughout the world. Because not only adds smell and taste, cinnamon also has a series of benefits for the body.

This brown spice has a high antioxidant content that can ward off free radicals. In addition, cinnamon is an important source of magnesium and calcium.

Substances in cinnamon content are also known to be good for relieving inflammation and increasing endurance. The good news, cinnamon is also effective for reducing the risk of getting cancer and effective against diabetes.

Now, with these many benefits, see how to make it!


1. Ready-made tea bag or green tea.
2. 1/4 tablespoon of cinnamon.
3. Honey or low-calorie sugar.
4. 1/8 spoonful of turmeric powder.
5. Lemon slices.

How to make

1. Enter the teabag, turmeric, cinnamon, into a pot of boiling water.
2. Stir everything until it is evenly distributed and boiled for approximately 3-5 minutes.
3. Prepare a glass and filter.
4. Pour the turmeric and cinnamon tea mixture into a glass by filtering first.
5. Add sugar or honey according to taste, and give lemon slices.
6. If you want to be served cold add ice cubes.

Good luck!!!

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