8 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Dog Fleas Naturally

Pets such as dogs, cats or other long-haired animals are indeed very much affected by fleas. For dogs that have fleas, they will often scratch their bodies.

Whatever type of dog or pet you have, when they have a lot of fleas on their body they will usually turn thin, do not like to eat, lethargic until susceptible to disease.

Types of Fleas that often attack

There are three types of fleas that most often attack dogs, including:

1. Fleas

These fleas are also often referred to as cat fleas, because indeed these types of fleas often attack cats.

This louse is very small, flat, round shape and reddish black in which the back legs are longer in size.

This type of flea is generally located in the dog's residence and only comes to suck the blood of the dog when he is, then the flea will move into the room again after he feels full.

Typically, these fleas attack dogs that do a lot of activities outside the home and are exposed to cats that have fleas.

This type of lice can also attack humans, leaving very itchy bite marks.

Characteristics of fleas:
  • Can cause anemia and spread tapeworm parasites (Dhypillidium sp.).
  • Move quickly, and can move from one host to another host by jumping.
  • Can cause flea allergic dermatitis which can be transmitted to humans.

2. Lice

This type of flea in the form of small insects that perch on the dog's body and live by eating dog skin tissue.

This breed breed is very fast, and makes the hair on dogs become sticky, fall out, and easy to smell.

Usually lice are transmitted to dogs that have been infected before. For the level of eradicating these lice is quite easy. You can bathe the dog with flea-killing shampoo, or anti-flea powder.

3. Ticks

Ticks are the biggest enemy for dogs. Humans can also be prey by the tick tick. Male tick ticks have a small flat size and are red brown in color, while for female ticks they are round black.

These lice are usually after sucking the blood will immediately enlarge and turn gray

Characteristics of ticks:
  • Can survive for months without a host. Can reach the skin and suck on parts of the body such as between the toes, ears, back, and neck.
  • Resistant to extreme weather. And will be very active at the beginning of the rainy season.
  • Can transmit Tick fever caused by Tick Paralysis, blood parasites (Babesia), and other diseases.
  • If these fleas are large in number, can cause anemia to death, especially for puppies or puppies.

The effect if the dog has fleas

Dog fleas are fleas that come from the garden flea or come from the body of an infected dog where the animal is very harmful.

This flea bite can cause injury and also bumps, can even make the dog become stressed.

This flea will also make the dog scratch his own body blindly, where it will make a lot of hair loss.

The presence of fleas that are not handled in the dog's body can carry tapeworm larvae which will later develop in the dog's body. And worse, these lice can also attack humans.

Signs of Dogs Having Fleas

The following are some signs of ticks, including:
  • If you see insects crawling in dog hair, it's certain that it's a flea. In general, the tick is brownish red with a length of about 2mm.
  • Look for small black spots found on a dog's skin. These little black spots are flea dung. You can find it by using a flea comb and a comb on a piece of white paper, so that it will make it easier to see.
  • Check the back legs and also the head and neck of the cat. Because these parts are the main areas that are often used as a place for ticks activities.
  • Also see flea droppings on dog beds, carpets and rugs.

How to Get Rid of Dog Fleas Naturally for Beginners

1. Lemon

This one fruit was also able to be used as a flea spray.

First you slice the lemon and boil it with a little water until it boils. Then wait until the runway is cold then spray it on the dog.

In addition to the fresh aroma, this method is also effective to eradicate lice. But you need to note, do not spray it into the eye area of ​​the dog.

2. Apple Vinegar

This liquid is indeed enough to help reduce the fleas found in the body in dogs. Because apple cider vinegar is hated by fleas even though it can't kill it.

How to use it, all you have to do is mix the apple cider vinegar with water, then spread it evenly on the dog's body.

3. Neem Leaves

In general, this one herbal leaf is usually used as a herbal medicine that has many health benefits.

However, these leaves have a scent that is not liked by lice, therefore, you can use liquid with a solution from this leaf.

The method of application is that you boil enough neem leaves then bathe the dog using the water.

4. Rosemary

Rosemary is one of the flowers that is known as a natural remedy against lice.

The smell of this herbal remedy is very disliked by lice and you can use it as a simple alternative step.

In addition, you can also plant this one flower close to the cage or some other place where the dog plays.

5. Cedar wood powder

Cedar wood also has a scent that is not liked by the louse. All you have to do is sprinkle powder from this wood chips, then this bug will leave soon.

This can also be applied to dogs and kennels.

6. Lavender Oil

The aroma of lavender also includes a powerful aroma to ward off the presence of the louse.

The first thing you should do is to prepare lavender oil and then spray the solution on the dog.

The use of oil will be very suitable when you are finished bathing the dog.

7. Maintain Cleanliness Enclosure

Not only focus on the animals, but you also have to pay attention to environmental cleanliness.

Starting from the cage, until the playground for your beloved dog. Perform regular cleaning of the cage so that it does not smell, so that your dog can be healthier and will certainly be free from fleas.

8. Caring for and Shaving the Dog

In addition to some of the tips above, caring for and also shaving dog hair can also be an appropriate alternative to prevent fleas.

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