7 Natural Bathroom Fragrances, Cheap and Easy to Use

The bathroom is one of the most important parts in the house. As a room used to clean themselves and remove dirt, the bathroom becomes a damp room. Therefore, the bathroom becomes the part in the house that is most likely to spread an unpleasant odor.

With these conditions, taking care of the bathroom to stay clean and fragrant is something that every homeowner needs to do. Routinely cleaning the bathroom has become a mandatory activity. In addition to cleanliness, the odor of the bathroom must also be considered in order to remain fragrant and not spread unpleasant odors that could have spread to other parts of the room.

Natural Bathroom Fragrances, Cheap and Easy to Use

The easiest way to take care of the bathroom is still fragrant is to use a bathroom deodorizer. Now, many factory products are offered to make bathrooms beautiful. Its easy and practical use is the reason many people choose to use factory products as bathroom fragrances.

But you know, using factory products constantly to scent the bathroom is not good for health. Factory-made fragrances contain a lot of chemicals that are poisonous if inhaled by the body too much. As a solution, you can use natural ingredients to scent the bathroom without fear of side effects. Because, these natural ingredients certainly do not contain factory materials that are not good for health. In addition, these natural ingredients are easy to find and certainly not expensive.

Here are seven natural ingredients that can be used to scent the bathroom.

1. Plants

Plants can be bathroom deodorizers. Place the plants in the corners of the bathroom. The function of plants in the bathroom will help refresh the air in the bathroom. If the bathroom is large enough, you can put large plants in it. Besides helping to refresh the air, plants can also add to the beauty of the bathroom interior.

2. Baking soda

Baking soda can be used as a bathroom fragrance, both on the tiles, walls, as well as the toilet and sink. The method is quite easy, rub baking soda in the parts in the bathroom then rinse with warm water until clean after a while. As a result, the bathroom will be more fragrant and fresh.

3. Lemon

Pieces of lemon can neutralize odors in the bathroom. To use it, simply put the lemon that has been cut into the corners of the bathroom. Lemon scent will spread by itself throughout the room in the bathroom. The odor of the bathroom will be fresher and no longer smell. To keep it fresh, don't forget to replace the lemon slice once a week.

4. Essential oils

Essential oils like lavender, papermint, or lemongrass are good for removing unpleasant odors in the bathroom. The trick, just drop oil on toilet paper or apply oil with cotton in certain parts of the bathroom. You can also mix it with various types of herbs to get rid of the unpleasant smell in the bathroom.

5. Dried flowers

Dried flowers or known as potpourri can be used to give fragrance in the bathroom. The trick, prepare the dried flowers. Then drop the essential oil so that the odor is absorbed in the flower. After that, you just put it in the corners of the bathroom with a small container. The odor from the dried flowers will spread to the bathroom.

6. Coffee powder

Coffee grounds are easy to find and are used to neutralize unpleasant odors in the bathroom. The method is quite easy, you only need to prepare one tablespoon of coffee powder which is put in a container made of cloth such as socks that have been tied. Then, place it in the corners of the bathroom such as the back of the door or ventilation by hanging. If you want the odor of coffee to spread quickly, you can roast coffee powder in a pan, then place it in the bathroom while the pan emits coffee-scented smoke.

7. Vinegar

Vinegar seasoning can be used to eliminate unpleasant odors in the bathroom. Vinegar can be used as a bathroom cleaner. The trick is very easy, mix vinegar water with salt, then rub it into the dirty and smells bad. After rubbing, brush the area and then wipe with water. In addition, vinegar can also be used to eliminate unpleasant odors in the bathroom due to smoking. The easy way, drop vinegar on a towel, then flick it in the bathroom.

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