How to Redden Your Lips Naturally

Having flushed red lips is one of the dreams of some women. Blushing the lips naturally is not uncommon as one way to beautify the face. Let's look at the steps below to redden the lips naturally.

Lips are a unique part of the skin because they are not equipped with oil glands to maintain moisture. The lip area called vermilion is an area that has more blood vessels than other skin areas, so that the blood vessels in this section are visible. The presence of blood vessels that are easily visible is what makes the lips have a beautiful red color.

If not treated properly, the lips can become rough, until dry and cracked. This can make the lips look dull.

Steps To Nourish Lips Naturally

Blushing the lips naturally can be done by paying attention to the following things.

1. Rub the lips

Removing the skin from the lips can be peeled off to redden the lips naturally. The trick, apply a drop of sugar or honey on the lips, then rub gently. After that wipe your lips dry and apply lip balm.

Removing dead cells in the form of peeling skin will make epidermal cells in the skin of the lips help stimulate the growth of new collagen. The formation of collagen is useful in slowing the aging process of the skin of the lips.

2. Avoid the habit of biting the lips

If you want to redden your lips naturally, it is recommended not to get used to biting the lips. Biting the lips can make the lips hurt, bleed, and slow the healing process of the lip skin.

3. Don't smoke

Women who want natural flushed lips should avoid smoking. Many studies mention that smoking is bad for skin health, including the lips.

Smoker's skin will wrinkle faster than those who don't smoke. With smoking, collagen will be more easily lost and skin cells more easily damaged. In addition, smoking can also cause black lips because the production of melanin or skin coloring on the lips becomes higher. Therefore, avoiding smoking can be a natural way to redden the lips.

4. Be diligent in drinking water

One key to keeping lips healthy is to meet the body's need for water. To maintain adequate body fluids, carry water with you wherever you go. It takes 2 to 3 liters of water to keep the body, including lips and skin, properly hydrated.

5. Protect from sun exposure

Discoloration of the lips can also be caused by too much exposure to sunlight.

To avoid this, use lip protectors or lip balms. For maximum protection, use a lip balm that functions as a sunscreen with a minimum SPF content of 15.

6. Do not get chapped lips

Dry lips, scaly and cracked, in addition to painful also makes the lips look dull. Doing the things above must be done to prevent or treat chapped lips. If needed, use other ingredients such as coconut oil, cocoa butter, and petroleum jelly to keep the lips moist all day.

Reddening the lips naturally in the above way can be an alternative, especially to avoid cosmetic ingredients that can cause allergies to the lips. If problems on the lips, such as dry and dull lips, often occur despite keeping the lips moist, you can consult a doctor for further examination and treatment.

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