5 Tasty Foods That Are Rich in Vitamin B to Boost the Body's Immune System

At times like now we need food that can boost the body's immune system. But if you are bored because you have to eat immune-boosting foods, that's all, no need to worry, because actually there are still many other healthy foods that are not less tasty.

You also do not need to process it complicated, just baking or boiling it is good. But also make sure the food you buy is fresh, so be cooked with any serving model will be delicious.

Tasty foods rich in B vitamins to encourage the body's immune system

What are delicious and healthy foods for your immune system? The following summarizes specifically for you.

1. Omelette

It's the most correct breakfast with a soft and tasty omelette. Plus cheese can also, you know. Because, eggs and cheese are both delicious foods that are rich in B vitamins; especially vitamin B2 for your immune system.

According to SELF Nutrition Data, 50 grams of eggs contains about 15 percent of the recommended daily amount of vitamin B2. Likewise, cheese also contains vitamin B2 so that the combination of this breakfast menu is very fitting for encouraging immunity.

2. Roast chicken

Enjoying a portion of grilled chicken with juicy and savory meat, who would dare refuse? One of the famous grilled chicken dishes is roasted chicken cooked with lots of spices. In the mixture you can roast chicken with garlic, red, bombay, and herbs which are also beneficial for the body.

Quoted from Healthline, chicken and turkey especially the white meat is high in vitamins B6, B3, and B2. The wealth of B vitamins is good for immunity. Especially if you cook it with disinfectant garlic; so it can help prevent bacterial infections that cause a decrease in the immune system.

3. Oysters

Oysters, besides containing B12, are also rich in riboflavin or vitamin B2, which makes it one of the best immune-enhancing foods. In 100 grams of oysters contain about 26 percent of vitamin B2 from the recommended daily consumption.
In addition, oysters are also rich in vitamin B12 and zinc which is not less efficacious for the body.

4. Salmon

Salmon cooked by pan fried - fried on top of teflon with a little oil - is very delicious. You only need to add salt and pepper to improve the taste. To be healthier, serve it with mashed potato or creamy spinach, so it is more complete.

Not just delicious, if you consume 100 grams of salmon a day, it meets the body's need for vitamins B6, B2, B1, and B5 which are certainly beneficial to health.

5. Cheese

In a 2009 European Journal of Clinical Nutrition study, dairy products such as cheese generally contained 22-25 percent of the daily amount of riboflavin that can be consumed by humans. Therefore, you can enjoy cheese as a topping on toast or a delicious pasta sauce, and also good for boosting the immune system.

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