5 Fruits that Contain Many Minerals

In addition to vitamins, our bodies also need minerals. This one nutrient is useful for activating hundreds of enzyme reactions in the body. It is known that there are many minerals needed by the body. Calcium, zinc, potassium and other minerals are nutrients that function to keep your bones strong and your body balanced.

Fruits That Contain a Lot of Minerals

Unfortunately, minerals are known to not be produced by the body. Even so, minerals can still be found easily, one of them in fruits.

Here is a row of fruits that are rich in minerals.

1. Red Grapefruit

Red Grapefruit is known to be rich in minerals, namely copper. The benefits provided by copper are good for the heart and prevent bone fragility. In addition, red grapefruit has calorie content and low sugar content, making it safe for people with diabetes to consume.

2. Bananas

In addition to being easily found and affordable, bananas have a lot of nutrients for the body. One of them is mineral. The mineral content of bananas are phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron. Benefits provided by bananas for the body such as being able to calm the mind and regulate the body's digestive system.

3. Melon

The fruit which has the Latin name Cucumis melo L has a high mineral content. The minerals in it include calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, and zinc.

In addition, melons also contain vitamin C and vitamin K. Unfortunately, the sugar content in melons is quite high so they must be careful when taking them.

4. Peaches

Peaches have a delicious and soft flesh. This one fruit also has a high nutritional content, including minerals.

Besides being rich in water, peaches also contain vitamins, such as C, A, E, K, and phosphorus. One of the benefits provided by peaches is that it can increase the response of the central nervous system and is suitable for consumption when on a diet because it is low in calories.

5. Watermelons

Known to contain a lot of water, watermelon also includes fruits with high minerals. Minerals stored in watermelons include copper and zinc.

In addition, watermelon also contains vitamins C, A, B, and lycopene. The content is able to provide health benefits. One of them improves heart function.

That was 5 fruits that contain minerals that are good for the body. In addition, including minerals in your daily diet can be done. The reason is because it can increase the body's metabolism and be able to reduce a lot of calories.

In addition to consuming fruits that contain minerals, do not forget to meet your fluid needs by increasing mineral water consumption.

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