5 Benefits of Chocolate for Pregnant Women

A number of studies have shown a variety of benefits of chocolate for pregnant women, including to prevent preeclampsia. Chocolate is known to contain antioxidants and minerals that are beneficial to health, not only the health of pregnant women themselves, but also the fetus.

Benefits of chocolate for pregnant women can be obtained by consuming dark chocolate. This type of chocolate is characterized by a bitter taste, because the sugar content is low.

Some Benefits of Chocolate for Pregnant Women

Chocolate has long been known to be beneficial for health. If consumed in moderation, chocolate can also bring additional benefits to pregnant women and the fetus. The following are the various benefits of chocolate for pregnant women:

1. Reduce the risk of preeclampsia

Chocolate consumption in the first or third trimester of pregnancy has been associated with a reduced risk of preeclampsia. A study revealed that pregnant women who regularly consume 1-3 serving chocolate per week during the first trimester have a 50 percent lower risk of developing preeclampsia.

However, this still needs to be investigated further, so that it can be more clearly known how the effectiveness of chocolate in preventing preeclampsia.

2. Prevent hypertension

Besides being able to reduce the risk of preeclampsia, consuming chocolate during pregnancy can also prevent hypertension. Some studies have even revealed that consuming chocolate type of dark chocolate can control blood pressure, although the effect is not too strong.

3. Prevents premature contractions and forms hemoglobin

Chocolate is a source of magnesium and iron. Both of these minerals are needed during pregnancy. Magnesium is needed by pregnant women to prevent premature contractions.

While iron is needed to form hemoglobin, which functions to bind oxygen in the blood and circulate it throughout the body, including the fetus. Increased blood volume and oxygen demand during pregnancy make pregnant women need for iron also increases.

4. Accelerate fetal growth

Other studies have also found that consuming 30 grams of chocolate per day during pregnancy can support fetal growth, as well as maintaining the health of the placenta or the placenta.

5. Improve mood

During pregnancy, many pregnant women experience mood swings. This condition is generally caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy. Well, chocolate consumption is believed to make the mood of pregnant women better.

How Much Chocolate Can Pregnant Women Eat?

Although chocolate has many benefits, pregnant women are not encouraged to consume excessively. Ideally, pregnant women are only allowed to consume chocolate in small portions, which is 30 grams a day or the equivalent of a few bites.

Excessive consumption of chocolate is not good for pregnant women because it can increase weight dramatically. In addition, there are still many other nutrients that need to be consumed by pregnant women, such as folic acid, protein, and calcium, so don't rely solely on chocolate as a nutritional intake.

Pregnant women are encouraged to only consume chocolate occasionally and not routinely. This is because chocolate contains caffeine which needs to be limited during pregnancy. Not to mention chocolate also contains calories and fat which is quite high.

If you have a pregnancy disorder, such as gestational diabetes, you should consult with your obstetrician before consuming chocolate.

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