How to do The Right Banana Diet

Banana diet is done by eating bananas at a certain time and in a certain amount, with the aim of losing weight. So that the results can be maximized, you need to understand first how to do the banana diet correctly.

The morning banana diet or Asa-Banana diet was first introduced by Sumiko Watanabe, a pharmacist from Japan. The banana diet is essentially to encourage you to eat bananas in the morning, and reduce the portion of food in the afternoon and evening.

Understand How to do a Banana Diet Right

Banana is a fruit that is high in fiber and low in calories. This fruit has many health benefits, including reducing weight, improving digestion, preventing high blood pressure, and preventing the risk of heart disease, and several types of cancer.

Going on a banana diet doesn't mean you will only eat bananas all day. You can still eat other foods, but there are a few things to watch out for, namely:

1. Eat bananas at breakfast

For those of you who want to lose weight, one way that can be done is to change your diet, including food choices at breakfast. Implementing a banana diet at breakfast can help you stay full and burn more calories.

The trick is to only eat fresh bananas (not yet processed) and water at breakfast. If you don't like bananas, you can replace them with other types of fruit, like apples. If you still feel hungry after eating bananas, then wait for about 15-30 minutes before eating other foods.

2. Lunch and dinner to taste

Actually there are no strict rules for lunch and dinner on this banana diet method. You can consume whatever food you want, with the condition that it should not be excessive and must stop eating before you are full.

3. Snacks or snacks in the afternoon

Snacks may only be consumed once a day, and usually in the afternoon. The choice of snacks is quite flexible. You are also still allowed to eat sweet foods, including sweets. Even so, avoid the consumption of ice cream, milk, and dairy products, such as cheese or yogurt, while on a banana diet.

4. Get enough sleep

Don't just focus on your diet, the banana diet method advises you to. This is very important, because if you lack sleep, you are likely to eat more. Your risk for consuming unhealthy foods in excessive amounts will also be even greater.

Weight loss while on a banana diet is actually caused by a reduction in the number of calories consumed. While bananas themselves are one type of fruit that is rich in nutrients, so it is good to be consumed regularly, even if you are not on a banana diet.

However, keep in mind that when you want to lose weight with the banana diet method or other diet methods, you also need to have adequate fluid intake and regular exercise. If necessary, consult your doctor about how to lose weight that best suits your condition.

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