Eating Dates When Old Pregnancy Can Facilitate Childbirth

Dates are a source of potassium for the body and contain other important nutrients, such as magnesium, copper, and manganese. That's why dates are beneficial for health. According to a study from Jordan University of Science and Technology published by the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, women who routinely eat dates during old pregnancy are reported to undergo a smoother normal delivery process without the need to rely on medical induction from a doctor. Following further explanation about the benefits of dates for pregnant women and childbirth.

Benefits of dates for pregnant women before delivery

Here are some of the benefits of dates for pregnant women before delivery.

1. Supply natural oxytocin so that it accelerates contractions

Dates produce the hormone oxytocin which functions to stimulate uterine contractions and facilitate labor. During labor, a weak contraction will usually be given additional oxytocin through the syringe to re-strengthen the uterine contractions. In the postpartum period this hormone will be released when the baby is breastfeeding. This increase in hormones in the postpartum period will accelerate the process of stopping bleeding and the recovery process of anatomy and uterine function.

In that study, the group of pregnant women who ate dates at the end of their pregnancy needed the use of oxytocin which was lower than the group that did not routinely consume dates.

2. Faster opening process

The uterus will dilate or open to begin labor. Opening of the uterus usually takes place from the beginning of the opening to the full opening (10 cm wide).

In the above study, a group of pregnant women who ate dates at the end of their pregnancy reported experiencing a more progressive opening once they reached the hospital.

3. Amniotic fluid is not easily broken

The amniotic fluid is a membrane filled with fluid that covers the entire baby's body in the womb. The amniotic sac will rupture before the baby is born. But it is also possible that the membranes rupture prematurely. Premature rupture of membranes can lead to a number of complications, including infection and inflammation of the amniotic membrane.

In that study, the group of pregnant women who ate dates had a stronger membranous membrane and did not break easily until the time of delivery arrived compared to the group of pregnant women who did not consume dates.

4. The delivery process is smoother

In that study, 96% of the group of pregnant women who consumed dates experienced smoother normal deliveries. Whereas in pregnant women who do not consume dates regularly, the normal birth rate reaches only 79 percent.

To get the benefits of dates, the study suggests pregnant women to consume six dates per day for four weeks before the estimated date of birth.

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