Can Diabetes Patients Eat Dragon Fruits?

Dragon fruit both red and white has a distinctive sweet taste. Plus the crispy seeds are small, and the water content that makes a lot of tropical fruit is delicious.

But the sweet taste sometimes makes those who have high blood sugar or have been sentenced to suffer from diabetes hesitate to consume it. So, if that's the case, can they still eat dragon fruit?

Actually both those who have high blood sugar levels or prediabetes and those who have suffered from diabetes, are fine if you want to eat dragon fruit.

In several studies published by a collection of PubMed journals, proving that red and white dragon fruit varieties are beneficial in reducing insulin resistance in obese mice.

While in rats that run a diet high in fat and carbohydrates, their blood sugar also improves after consuming dragon fruit. Similarly, in mice that have been declared diabetic decreased 35 percent malondialdehyde, a marker of damage caused by free radicals.

Research on the effects of dragon fruit on prediabetes and type-2 diabetics has also been carried out in Thailand. The study, published in PLoS One in 2017, involved 28-52 participants who were divided into four groups randomly. Treatment using dragon fruit is carried out with a duration of 10 days, 15 days, and 4 weeks.

The results showed, decreased fasting plasma glucose (FPG) in participants classified as prediabetes. Meanwhile, participants who had type-2 diabetes did not experience any changes in FPG and their two-hour post-prandial glucose (2HPP).

Thus it can be concluded that the benefits of dragon fruit in controlling blood sugar levels in diabetics results are still diverse. The obvious benefits are the effects so far only for those with prediabetes. Meanwhile, the benefits of dragon fruit for people with type 2 diabetes are still needed further research.

Therefore, for diabetics especially those who are already type-2 should first limit the intake of dragon fruit. When in doubt, it's a good idea to consult first, yes to the doctor so everything is clear.

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