Benefits of Carrots for Your Skin

Carrots are one of the orange vegetables which are known to contain various sources of vitamins and minerals. Nowadays, many people know that carrots are good for eye health. But apparently, carrots can also help maintain the health of your skin.

The content in carrots can also be associated with lowering the risk of cancer, especially lung cancer. Beta-carotene which many carrots have is said to have a protective effect against cancer.

Various Carrot Benefits for the Skin

Carrots contain vitamin C which has healing properties, thus helping the skin recover faster from external injuries. Vitamin C in fact helps the production of collagen in the body, which is a type of protein that is very important to maintain skin elasticity.

Do not forget also the content of beta-carotene in carrots. Not only overcome cancer, beta-carotene also protects and conditions the skin to be more immune to sunburn.

In addition, carrots are also rich in antioxidants. To get faster results, you can make a face mask by mixing grated carrots and honey, then gently apply on the surface of your skin.

To get rid of pimples, blemishes and scars, drinking carrot juice is your best choice. Anti-inflammatory properties in carrots are known to be able to help revitalize and tighten your body's skin.

If you have a history of skin problems such as rashes or psoriasis, adding carrot juice to your diet list can improve the appearance of your skin. Numerous studies have proven that the efficacy of carrots on the skin is so significant.

What about carrot skin? This part is also crucial and you should not miss it. Carrot skin is beneficial and helps your skin maintain moisture with potent potassium content.

You need to know, lack of potassium can cause dry skin, so the high potassium content in carrots will keep your skin moist and healthy. The most effective way to get these benefits is to drink carrot juice.

Don't Over-consume Carrots

According to Hans Fisher, PhD, a professor from Rutgers University, regular consumption of carrots can protect you from eye diseases such as cataracts, farsightedness and other eye problems.

Moreover, carrots are good for your skin health. Now, you don't need to pay a lot of money to do skin care, because carrots can be very helpful. A mixture of vitamin A and beta-carotene in high amounts makes the skin look healthy and bright.

So, don't hesitate to add more carrots to your food. Although carrots have a variety of benefits, remember not to consume them excessively. Carrots are indeed rich in vitamin A which is good for the eyes and skin. However, if you consume large amounts of carrots every day, your skin can turn orange.

Even so, you don't need to worry. Your skin color will return to normal after reducing the amount of carrots you consume. To maintain healthy skin, you only need to consume carrot juice once a day. And don't forget, keep in balance with regular exercise so that the body is always healthy and fit.

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