Benefits of Beets for Controlling High Blood Pressure

Until now, high blood pressure or hypertension is still a big challenge in the World. In addition, controlling high blood pressure is also inadequate even though effective drugs are widely available. In addition to drugs, there is a natural way to use red beets to control hypertension.

You need to know if high blood pressure is not treated, then over time there can be various serious complications that can lead to death. Therefore, if you have hypertension, it is very important to seek treatment.

If you feel you don't need medication, but do have a problem with high blood pressure, you can consume beetroot. This red tuber turned out to have the ability to control these conditions.

Since the Middle Ages, beets have been used to cure several diseases, especially those related to digestion and blood. Armed with this knowledge, various studies have been carried out. The aim is to prove that red beets can be used to lower and control blood pressure in people with hypertension.

Drink a Glass of Beet Juice Once a Day

The researchers found that consumption of one glass of beet juice (250 ml) a day can significantly reduce blood pressure in people with hypertension. This is because beets are known to contain a substance called nitrate, which can be converted into NO (nitric oxide) in the body, which functions to widen blood vessels. If blood vessels dilate, blood pressure will automatically decrease.

Hypertension patients who consumed beet juice noted an increase in blood vessel dilation by 20 percent. Violence of blood vessels was reduced by 10 percent. The effect is obtained after drinking a glass of beet juice every day for at least 4-8 weeks.

From the results of the decrease in blood pressure, the patients who drank beet juice were also found to have a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke. For every 2 mm Hg drop in blood pressure, the risk of death from a heart attack decreases by 7 percent, while the risk of stroke decreases by 10 percent.

Eat Beet Juice Regularly

Apart from the successful consumption of beet juice for sufferers of hypertension, experts argue that beet juice should not stop being consumed. Drink beet juice every day because if you stop taking it for two weeks, your blood pressure will return to normal. This is the same as the concept of hypertension medication that must be taken regularly every day.

Research has proven that hypertension therapy by consuming red beet juice is a natural therapy that is effective, easy to obtain, and affordable in terms of price. Besides being made juice, beets can also be consumed in the form of food that colors your daily menu.

However, consult with your doctor before you decide on something related to the treatment of hypertension - both with medication and in a natural way.

Hypertension therapy with beet juice may be right for you who have mild hypertension. However, for those of you who suffer from moderate-severe hypertension, especially with the addition of various accompanying diseases, you should not make beet juice as the main therapy. It is important to remember that beet juice cannot replace the role of the drug in hypertensive patients with a more severe category.

Not only for people with hypertension, you who don't have problems with high blood pressure can also consume beet juice. The benefits of beets besides controlling high blood pressure are to improve brain function, increase stamina, and overcome anemia. Do not forget to adopt a healthy diet, exercise regularly, get enough rest, and stay away from things that cause stress.

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