5 Benefits of Dates for Healthy Skin and Hair Like an Arab Woman

Dates are a fruit that comes from Arabic. In Arabia itself, dates are not only consumed as a snack, but are also used for skin and hair beauty care for women.

Benefits of Dates for Healthy Skin and Hair Like an Arab Woman

The mineral content, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, and iron contained therein is a potential source for maintaining and treating the beauty of hair and skin.

Therefore, Arab women often apply dates to treat the beauty of their skin and hair. If you want to have beautiful skin and hair like Arab women, let's look at the benefits of dates for the following beauty.

1. For skin elasticity

Rich in vitamin C in it, it's no wonder that dates are able to hydrate the skin optimally. Dates also have the potential to balance levels of moisture as well as elasticity of the skin.

2. Maintain youthful skin

Free radicals that often affect human skin is a major factor in aging of the skin. With mineral and vitamin content in dates, will deflect and protect the skin from free radicals on the skin.

3. Able to overcome all kinds of skin problems

Dates are also rich in B vitamins. A study has also proven that B vitamins can overcome various skin problems such as acne scars to cellulite.

4. Overcoming hair loss

Again, the B vitamin content in dates is able to overcome the common hair problems experienced by every woman. Yes, by diligently eating dates and using date juice as a hair mask regularly, the hair loss will slowly decrease.

5. For black and radiant hair

The many Arab women who apply the juice of dates on their scalp to stimulate hair growth and keep the luster. No wonder why Arab women are identical with their beautiful hair.

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