10 Benefits of Infused Cucumber Water

The term infused water is certainly no stranger to those of you who like Western-style restaurants. For those who are not familiar, this drink which is also called detox water is white water mixed with a few pieces of fruits or vegetables.

The purpose of this mixing is while hydrating the body, this drink also while delivering vitamins and benefits derived from mixed fruits and vegetables.

Infused cucumber water is one of the most found variants, in addition to lemon soaking water. If the lemon gives a little sour taste to the water, it is different from cucumber which refreshes the throat.

Benefits of Infused Cucumber Water

1. Avoid dehydration

Cucumber does have a myriad of benefits that can have a positive impact on many areas of our health, so what more benefits can be obtained from cucumber infused water?

Surely you have often heard, right? If the water intake needed by humans per day is 6 to 8 glasses per day. Drinking this much water can be very boring and even make you lazy to drink water.

By adding cucumber slices to the water, there will be an additional refreshing taste and makes you eager to drink a lot.

2. Body Detoxification

The second benefit of infused cucumber water is that it can help the body's detoxification process. Cucumbers are rich in antioxidants which can counteract free radicals and remove toxins from the body.

Of course removing toxins with natural ingredients will be more healthy. Imagine if every day toxins from the body are removed, how healthy your metabolism will be.

3. Helps to Lose Weight

There are several factors infused cucumber water can help you lose weight. First, cucumber contains fiber which can improve intestinal health and regular bowel movements so that it can smooth digestion.

Second, the fresh taste can replace the consumption of high sugar and calorie drinks. Once accustomed to consuming cucumber infused water, you can unconsciously not consume sweet drinks anymore.

4. Prevent Cancer

Cucumber has the property to prevent cancer because it contains the chemical compound cucurbitacins and a number of nutrients called lignans.

Plus the content of dietary fiber such as flavonoid fisetin which is also found in cucumber and is known to fight prostate cancer. So, regular consumption of cucumber water can make cancer less likely.

5. Lowering Blood Pressure

For people with high blood pressure or hypertension, cucumbers can be the right solution in reducing blood pressure. There is about 4% potassium, an electrolyte that regulates the amount of sodium in the kidneys, which can help stabilize blood pressure.

Of course while maintaining the correct diet, so that the results obtained will be maximal. Who knows by consuming cucumber infused water can reduce drug consumption as well.

In addition to lowering blood pressure, indirectly also helps kidney health.

6. Skin Healthier

For women, it must be familiar with a face mask that uses cucumber as its main ingredient. That is caused by cucumbers which are rich in vitamin B5, vitamin C, vitamin K and silica.

Especially for facial skin, cucumbers can soothe facial skin conditions, treat acne and hold excess oil. Antioxidants in cucumbers that push toxins out of the body can also have a positive impact on skin health.

7. Supports brain health

There are more crucial benefits of infused water cucumber for health, this time the brain. Cucumbers contain fisetin and anti-inflammatory agents that can improve brain health and reduce inflammation.

Some studies also suggest that cucumbers can help Alzheimer's patients and help maintain cognitive function longer.

8. Strengthen Bones and Muscles

Furthermore, consuming cucumber infused water supports the process of forming proteins that are useful for maintaining healthy bones and tissues. One cup of cucumber cuts can meet nearly 20% of the daily requirement of vitamin K by our body.

As for muscle, cucumber contains silica which functions to build muscle tissue. In addition, drinking cucumber water after exercise can help muscle recovery and hydrate the body.

9. Eliminating Bad Breath

Problems with bad breath? Take it easy, cucumber infused water can also overcome the problem of bad breath. As we know, bad breath arises due to excessive hot air in the stomach.

When you drink infused cucumber water, the body will feel cool so that it produces more saliva and removes bacteria that cause bad breath.

Cucumbers contain phytochemicals which can kill bacteria in the mouth, so bad breath goes away.

10. Maintaining digestive health

Finally, the fiber content in cucumbers is also very useful for digestion. Fiber can directly affect the intestines, and the intestine is the main factor that regulates the digestive system.

If you already have a regular diet plus regular consumption of infused cucumber water, you can be sure to avoid indigestion and gastritis.

How, interested in drinking cucumber infused water? It's really easy how to make it.

You only need slices of 2 cucumbers and 8 glasses of water to fulfill your hydration needs per day. Then leave this mixture overnight. The next morning you can enjoy the fresh infused water of this cucumber.

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