8 Ways to Get Rid of Acne Naturally When Pregnant

Many women experience acne during pregnancy. In the first and second trimester of pregnancy, skin prone to breakouts due to increased androgen hormones that trigger oil gland production. This oil can clog pores and cause acne. Don't rush and carelessly look for ways to get rid of acne. 

Despite being pregnant, of course, women always want to look beautiful and free of acne. For that, follow the following acne prone skin care tips.
  • Avoid touching or squeezing pimples. This wound can cause infection and black marks.
  • Avoid caffeine and soft drinks
  • Expand eat fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats such as nuts or avocados
  • Take time to relax and unwind, so you can avoid stress or fatigue that triggers acne
  • Change sheets and pillowcases regularly

Use natural ingredients as a way to get rid of pimples

Actually, acne that appears during pregnancy is only temporary and can disappear by itself along with hormones that return to normal after giving birth. Here are some natural ingredients that you can try at home during pregnancy to treat acne at home.

1. Apple cider vinegar

Soak a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and apply a small amount to the area of ​​the blotchy skin to absorb oil. Mix one tablespoon of vinegar and three tablespoons of boiled water. This mixture can be used as a natural toner that is rich in natural enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids, to treat acne during pregnancy.

However, do not use pure vinegar on the skin. Therefore, pure vinegar is very acidic and can cause burns.

2. Baking soda

Besides being used as a material for making cakes, baking soda turns out to function to treat acne during pregnancy naturally, and to dry oil on the skin of the face. The trick, mix one tablespoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of water. Apply it to the acne prone skin, allow it to dry. Rinse face with water until clean.

3. Citrus fruits

The content of alpha hydroxy acid in citrus fruits such as lemon and lime can help remove dead skin cells. In addition, the natural substance of citrus fruits is also an effective antibacterial for exfoliation. Apply lemon or lime juice to the pimples with a cotton ball. Leave on for 10 minutes or until dry, then rinse face with cold water.

If there are still scars on the face, avoid this method. Because, applying citrus fruit juice, including lime on the skin of the wound, will cause pain.

4. Honey

This versatile food ingredient has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. In addition, honey can soothe inflamed skin. To treat acne during pregnancy, wash your face with warm water to open the pores of the skin. Then, apply honey directly to the area of ​​the face with acne. Leave on for 20-30 minutes. Rinse face with warm water.

5. Coconut oil

With its antibacterial and antifungal properties, coconut oil can be used as a natural remedy for effective and safe acne during pregnancy. Simply apply pure coconut oil to the face, as a substitute for moisturizer before going to sleep at night.

6. Oatmeal and cucumber

Not only delicious, cucumbers and oatmeal offer properties that can cool and soothe acne prone skin. For acne treatment during pregnancy, try a natural mask whose ingredients are easily found in your kitchen. Mix oatmeal and cucumber until the texture thickens and can be applied to the face. Apply to the surface of the facial skin, let stand for 10-15 minutes to dry. Then, wash your face thoroughly.

7. Aloe vera

The leaves of this tropical plant produce clear gel. This gel is often the ingredient for making lotions, creams, and soaps. Aloe vera has long been used to treat skin rashes, burning, peeling, or have other disorders.

Aloe vera also appeared to contain salicylic acid and sulfur, which is very useful for curing acne. Apply aloe vera gel to the skin that has been cleaned. Use a spoon when applying it. Repeat this step up to twice a day, or as needed.

Although the results of this study provide a sweet promise to cure acne, the benefits of anti-acne from aloe vera, still requires further research.

8. Zinc supplementation

Zinc is an essential nutrient for the growth of body cells, hormone production, metabolism, and immunity. Numerous studies have shown, consumption of zinc supplements, effective in reducing acne.

In one study, 48 respondents with acne problems took zinc supplements three times a day. After eight weeks, as many as 38 patients experienced a decrease in the number of acne by 80-100%.

It is not certain, the recommended dose of zinc supplements for treating acne. However, several studies have shown a decrease in the number of zits, by consuming 30-45 mg of zinc per day. Do not consume too much, so as not to experience stomach pain or stomach irritation.

The ingredients above, including honey and apple vinegar, can be easily obtained. Its use is practically practical. In addition, do not forget to always consume vegetables and fruit, to maintain your health, including the skin.

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