10 Tips to Avoid Dehydration During Fasting in the Month of Ramadan

Fasting is a worship of Muslims to restrain the lust from sunrise until sunset of the dawn which is done during the month of Ramadan. When we are fasting, we are not allowed to eat and drink as on a normal day.

Therefore, sometimes we feel dehydrated when we fast because we have to undergo normal daily activities, such as work or study. Then how to avoid dehydration when fasting? Here are tips to avoid dehydration when fasting!

1. Keep Drinking 8 Glasses of Water a Day

Based on research, humans are advised to drink 2.5 liters of water per day, equivalent to 8 glasses of mineral water per day. This is certainly influential when fasting because we can not drink water during the day.

To avoid dehydration during fasting, you can apply the 2-4-2 rules when fasting, which is 2 cups at dawn, 4 cups when breaking fast, and 2 cups before bedtime or before dawn.

2. Drink plenty of milk and coconut water

In addition to water, milk and coconut water can also be a way to avoid dehydration during fasting. According to one study, milk is better for avoiding dehydration because it is rich in protein, carbohydrates, calcium and electrolytes.

Whereas young coconut water contains isotonic and natural electrolytes which can overcome dehydration during fasting.

3. Don't Sleep Too Much

Perhaps many people think that sleeping when we are fasting is worship. But apparently when sleeping, the fluid will also still be released by the body. This includes insensible water loss or loss of fluid without being felt.

So, if you sleep too much, more fluid will be lost. To avoid dehydration, don't sleep too much when fasting.

4. Consumption of a variety of fruits and vegetables

Liquids are not only obtained from drinks, but can also be from food. Therefore, choose foods that contain enough water so that you can be full while meeting your body's fluid needs.

Like eating fresh fruits and vegetables. So, multiply the vegetables and fruits on the meal menu and break the fast so as to avoid dehydration during fasting.

5. Avoid Outdoor Activities

On an ordinary day, as much as 1,000-4,500 milliliters of fluid is lost from your body. This is certainly problematic when we are fasting because we cannot replace fluids lost from consuming food or drinks.

To be able to avoid dehydration, Toppers can avoid outdoor activities because the scorching sun can make us sweat so that it triggers dehydration.

6. Pay attention to the drugs consumed

For some people, medicines and vitamin and nutritional supplements are very important to be consumed during fasting in order to keep the body fit. However, make sure that the medicine consumed does not give side effects.

Avoid drugs that have effects such as constant bowel movements, dehydration and also lack of fluids. To avoid unwanted things, you should discuss this with your doctor.

7. Don't Eat Too Much Salty Food When In Suhoor

Just spent a few hours fasting already feel thirsty? It could be your excuse menu. Yes, salty foods can make you thirsty even to the point of lack of fluids. Because salt is very influential in regulating fluid in the body.

Too much salt enters the body, which only messes up the setting and eventually makes you thirsty quickly. Balance with fruits and vegetables so that the mineral content needed by the body is balanced.

8. Reduce Drinking Coffee and Tea

If you are a lover of tea and coffee, you should reduce the consumption of these drinks in excess. Because it can accelerate dehydration. In addition, caffeine in tea and coffee can make you have trouble falling asleep which will certainly have an impact on the body during the day.

9. Avoid strenuous exercise

For those of you who like sports, you don't need to do strenuous sports like cardio training. Quite mild exercise such as jogging or walking just in the morning.

By exercising regularly, your body will actually be stronger to do activities throughout the day. But vice versa, if done excessively it will backfire for you.

If you want to do strenuous exercise, do it at the hour before breaking the fast. So waiting for opening hours feels faster.

10. Eat Fruits that Contain a Lot of Water

Enjoy fresh fruits that contain lots of water, such as melons, watermelons, sweet oranges and so forth. In addition to feeling good and fulfilling water needs, these fruits can provide nutrition to maintain your stamina during fasting.

That's her tips to avoid dehydration when fasting. Hopefully by knowing this, your body can be more fit and more enthusiastic to undergo worship for a whole month!

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