5 Ways to Make Hand Sanitizers with Natural Ingredients

The spread of the corona virus makes the world vigilant. The growth of patients over time increases. Social distancing is one way to slow its spread. In addition, we must also maintain health by eating healthy foods and drinks, exercising regularly, and maintaining cleanliness.

How to Make Hand Sanitizers with Natural Ingredients

One way is to wash your hands with soap and use a hand sanitizer to kill germs that cause disease. Because our hands touch many unknown objects.

Now, antiseptic hand sanitizers are also difficult to obtain. For that, consider how to make a natural hand sanitizer below!

1. Natural Hand Sanitizer with Aloe Vera and Essential Oils

This is the easiest way you can follow at home. You can directly mix the aloe vera into alcohol and use it immediately.

Make sure the alcohol content you use is more than 60% to effectively kill germs on the hands. The content of aloe vera is useful so that your skin is not dry.

Add a little lavender essential oil or according to taste so that the hand sanitizer is more fragrant.

2. Natural Hand Sanitizer with White Vinegar

Usually white vinegar is used for additional flavoring. However, it turns out that white vinegar can be used as a natural hand sanitizer.

When the skin is injured and there is no alcohol to cleanse, white vinegar can be used because it has a high enough concentration of acid. So that it can overcome skin problems such as infections from germs and bacteria.

To make a hand sanitizer, prepare a medium size spray bottle. Mix vinegar with a little water and then store it in the refrigerator to maintain its quality.

3. Natural Hand Sanitizer with Lemon

Another ingredient with high acid content is lemon. How to make a natural hand sanitizer from lemons is to mix lemon juice with a little water into a medium size spray bottle.

Not only as a hand sanitizer that can kill germs, lemons can also make the skin brighter.

4. Natural Hand Sanitizer with Betel Leaves and Rambutan Skin

How to make a natural hand sanitizer is quite easy. You only need to prepare betel leaves and rambutan peels which are then boiled each to get the extract.

Betel leaf is as an antiseptic and rambutan skin is as an antioxidant. Rambutan skin can also be replaced with mangosteen peel because it has the same properties.

After that, mix them into a spray bottle according to taste with the ratio evenly. Add a few drops of olive oil to keep the skin feeling soft.

5. Natural Hand Sanitizer with Basil Leaves and Aloe Vera

Next, to make a natural hand sanitizer at home, you need basil leaves and aloe vera. Basil leaves are antiseptic and aloe vera is antioxidant.

Peel the Aloe Vera together with the basil leaves using a blender. Filter the ingredients to get the extract.

Dissolve the powdered orange leaf in a little water as a deodorizer then mix it with the basil and aloe vera leaf extract. Put the hand sanitizer in a medium size spray bottle. Hand sanitizer is ready to use.

That's how to make a natural hand sanitizer at home easily. The ingredients are also easy to find. But, keep in mind, the durability of a natural hand sanitizer is certainly different from the packaging products sold in the market.

If the scent and color of your hand sanitizer have changed, immediately make a new one. Always keep clean and healthy to avoid various diseases, yes!

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