How to Get Rid of Shoes Odor Naturally

When going to the office, you realize the unpleasant odor that comes from your shoes. The unpleasant smell of shoes is a problem that is quite commonly experienced in society.

A common cause of shoe odor is the buildup and growth of bacteria on moist, sweaty shoes, especially if you don't use socks. These bacteria can consume dead skin cells and oil from the skin of your feet and cause foot odor and odor of shoes that gets worse.

In some cases, the smell of shoes can actually be caused by feet that are very sweaty and trigger the proliferation of the bacterium Kytococcus sedentarius which can produce odorous acid which becomes the ringleader of foot and shoe odor.

The smell of these shoes naturally disturbs the sense of smell and lowers self-confidence when there are others who accidentally smell it too. Actually, how to get rid of the smell of shoes is not difficult. You can use some of the ingredients around the house as a way to get rid of shoe odors.

How to get rid of shoes odor easily at home with natural ingredients

Generally, the way to get rid of shoe odor is to buy anti-odor from a supermarket, but how to get rid of the smell of shoes can be done first with objects at home.

1. Wash in the washing machine

How to get rid of the smell of shoes that can be done is to wash shoes in the washing machine and dried in the dryer.

However, make sure your washing machine and dryer can be used to wash and dry shoes, and check whether the shoes can be washed in the washing machine and dried in the dryer.

2. Salt

Salt is not only useful as a spice that adds salty and savory flavors to cooking, but can also be a way to get rid of shoe odors. Eliminate the smell of shoes by sprinkling salt as a natural antibau into your shoes to absorb moisture in the shoes.

3. Baking soda

One more ingredient at home that can be used as a natural antibau, namely baking soda. You can sprinkle baking soda into your shoes as an easy way to get rid of shoe odor.

Leave the baking soda overnight and remove the baking soda powder from the shoes in the morning. We recommend that you do not often sprinkle baking soda into leather shoes because baking soda can dry leather shoes.

If you are lazy to clean the baking soda powder from shoes, you can put two tablespoons of baking soda into the socks that are not used and tie the ends of the socks open for use as bags of antibau. You can use the antibau bag at night and take it out in the morning.

4. Baby powder

If you have a baby, of course you are familiar with baby powder sprinkled on the baby's skin to prevent prickly heat. You can use the baby powder to prevent unpleasant smells on the shoes. You can put baby powder on shoes or on your feet before you put your feet in the shoes.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol that is used as a disinfectant for wounds can be used as a way to eliminate the smell of shoes and sterilize shoes. You can drip or rub alcohol on the shoes that you want to get rid of the smell.

6. Black tea

Black tea bags brewed in the morning or evening can be used as a way to eliminate the smell of shoes. This is because black tea contains tannin which can kill the odor-causing bacteria.

Before putting the black tea bag into the shoe, put the black tea bag in hot water for two to three minutes. After that, lift and cool the hot tea bag for a few moments.

If it's not hot, you can put a bag of black tea for about an hour. When you remove the black tea bag, also clean the remaining liquid black tea from the shoe.

7. Essential oils

For fans of essential oils or essential oils, you can drop essential oils with the smell of cloves, tea tree oil, or eucalyptus into the shoes that you want to get rid of the smell.

You can also drop essential oil directly into the shoe or drop it on tissue or paper that is placed into the shoes overnight.

8. Cat litter

Do you have a cat? Use cat litter or cat sand which is usually used as a urinating or large cat in your pet. At first glance using cat sand looks like an unusual thing, but the fact is, cat litter contains antibau that can absorb liquid.

How to use paint litter to get rid of shoe odor is to put it in the bottom of the shoe overnight. In the morning, remove the paint litter from the shoe and wipe the shoe with a damp cloth.

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