5 Suitable Drinks When On a Keto Diet

To make your keto diet a success, discipline is the main key to success. Although abstinence from the keto diet is quite simple, namely carbohydrates and sugar, in fact this taboo is quite difficult to run for some people, especially carbohydrates and sugars hiding in various products. For example, bottled drinks marketed with the predicate No Sugar or Less Sugar can still contain sugar and carbohydrates in it.

In addition to knowing what foods can and should not be consumed during the keto diet, keto diet drinks are also important things for you to know. Balancing foods and drinks that are suitable for the keto diet helps you succeed in implementing the keto diet.

Some Keto-Friendly Drinks

1. Water, a keto-friendly natural drink

Plain water can certainly be a keto-friendly drink because water does not contain any carbohydrates or sugar. That is why you who are on a keto diet are advised to consume lots of water. Reducing carbohydrate intake in the body could have an effect on water intake in the body because in the body, carbohydrates are stored with water.

In addition, the state of ketosis increases nitrogen production and urine output so that it can cause dehydration. In the initial keto diet, you will also feel easier to thirst.

Therefore, the best drink for you who are on the keto diet is water. In order not to get bored, vary your drink by adding a little lemon juice to water. Infused water is also allowed for you to consume.

2. Coffee, Delicious Drinks Suitable for Keto Dieters

Did you know that caffeine can help the process of burning fat, suppress appetite, and help the process of weight loss? This makes coffee a suitable drink for those on a diet. In addition, coffee does not contain sugar or carbohydrates, so it can be enjoyed by those who are on the keto diet.

Even so, be careful in choosing and consuming coffee. Avoid ready-to-serve coffee in sachets that are widely available on the market, because most sachets of coffee are already mixed with added sugar. Coffee such as brewed coffee, espresso, and cold brew are the right choice for you who are on the keto diet.

In addition, you can also add cream, unsweetened milk, or almond milk in moderation in coffee. Butter can also be added to coffee to make bulletproof coffee. Ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, or cloves can also be added to coffee to make coffee more delicious. But remember, sugar remains a taboo.

3. Tea, Afternoon Beverage Suitable For Diet

Tea and coffee have something in common, both of which contain caffeine so it is suitable for consumption at work. In addition, both types of drinks are suitable for the keto diet because they are free of sugar and carbohydrates.

All types of tea, ranging from black tea, green tea, to herbal teas can be a choice when serving the keto diet. Adding milk, cream, or sweetener, like stevia, can also be done to make tea more delicious.

4. Almond Milk, Vegetable Milk which is Rich in Nutrition

Because almonds are made, almond milk does not contain carbohydrates, cholesterol, or lactose. That is why almond milk is often the choice for diabetics or for people who have lactose intolerance problems.

Almond milk is also often a substitute for cow's milk choices for people who are on the keto diet, both to drink directly or added to tea, coffee, smoothies, and keto-friendly foods. Of course, almond milk that can be consumed during the keto diet is almond milk that does not contain added sugar.

Finding a place that sells almond milk is no longer difficult. Almond milk is available in many places and can be purchased online or directly purchased in markets and supermarkets. The price of almond milk is relatively higher than ordinary full cream milk, but the benefits are certainly worth the money spent.

5. Smoothies, Serving Fruits that are Thick in Texture and Rich in Nutrition

The keto diet indeed forbids the consumption of certain fruits. But, that does not mean you can not enjoy healthy and delicious smoothies while on the keto diet. You can make keto-friendly smoothies by combining fruits that can be consumed during the keto diet, such as avocados and berries, with other food ingredients such as green vegetables, almond milk, and other ingredients. Keto-friendly smoothies recipes can be searched online or in various cookbooks.

The best way to avoid sugars and carbohydrates contained in some packaged beverage products is to make your own keto-friendly drinks.

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