Prevent cancer by eating broccoli

Cancer is still a disease that is feared by many people because it can cause death. Everyone is at risk of developing cancer later in life, but with varying degrees of risk.

The level of cancer risk is of course influenced by your lifestyle and diet. To reduce the risk of cancer, you can add broccoli to your food. Because, broccoli is one food that has been proven to prevent cancer.

What substances are in broccoli so that these vegetables can prevent cancer from growing? How much broccoli must be eaten so as not to be attacked by cancer?

Prevent cancer by eating broccoli

Nature has provided various kinds of vegetables to deal with various diseases. An example is broccoli to prevent cancer.

Broccoli should be on your food every day, because the benefits of broccoli can prevent cancer not just a myth. Yes, the fact that this has been proven in several scientific studies. One of them is a study conducted by researchers from Oregon State University.

The research, published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, proved that the substances in broccoli are effective in preventing cancer cells from growing quickly. Yes, broccoli is also considered to be able to help the treatment of cancer patients because of its nature which inhibits the growth and development of cancer cells. In this study, broccoli managed to prevent the development of prostate cancer.

How can broccoli prevent cancer?

In that study, researchers found sulforaphne in broccoli that can prevent cancer and inhibit cancer growth. Sulforaphne belongs to a chemical derived from plants which is believed to trigger the body to change its genes. Changes in genes that occur make the body more immune to cancer growth, so even cancer cells will not be able to develop.

How much broccoli should I eat to prevent cancer?

Actually, the portion of eating broccoli is the same as the daily portion of vegetables. According to the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health, a minimum portion of eating vegetables that must be consumed in a day is around 250 grams or the equivalent of two and a half cups. You can divide it into three meals, so that at one time you eat one glass of broccoli.

One glass of broccoli that you eat contains 25 calories, 5 grams of carbohydrates, and 1 gram of protein. So, it does not matter if you want to eat more broccoli in one day, because the calories contained in it are quite small.

But be careful with the cooking techniques you use in serving broccoli. The wrong cooking technique will only make the broccoli nutrients, including sulforaphne, disappear. The higher the cooking temperature used and the length of the process, the more nutrients will be lost. Therefore, you should cook broccoli by boiling or sautéing in a short time.

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