Mango Leaves Can Help Control Diabetes

Diabetes is often referred to as the silent killer disease. Because the arrival was not unexpected at all but suddenly had a detrimental impact on the health of the body. Diabetes often makes sufferers experience various disease complications such as heart attacks, strokes, vision problems, erectile disorders, and various other dangerous health problems.

For those of you who are suffering from diabetes, don't be discouraged. Because you have to keep your body healthy to be strong in fighting diabetes.

In addition to medicines given by doctors, healthy food and taking home-made herbal recipes can also help you know. One of the medicines for diabetes that can control diabetes and reduce blood sugar levels is mango leaves.

According to research, drinking boiled water of mango leaves turned out to be beneficial for maintaining the health of those who are suffering from diabetes.

Mango leaves are rich in various medicinal properties in it which are very beneficial for improving the health of diabetic patients. The content of certain minerals and antioxidants in it can increase the capacity of cells to absorb insulin and also regulate insulin production so that it is useful for treating diabetes.

Various studies indeed highlight the benefits of mango leaves because it can reduce blood sugar levels. Mango leaf extract (Mangiferin) is useful to inhibit the enzyme alpha glucosidase, which helps reduce carbohydrate metabolism in the intestine and blood glucose levels.

Mango leaves have the ability to increase insulin production and glucose distribution. So that it can help stabilize blood sugar levels. Mango leaves are also rich in pectin, vitamin C and fiber. So it's not only good for diabetes but also lowers cholesterol levels.

How to make a drink from mango leaves for diabetics

To get the benefits of mango leaves, we can prepare 10 to 12 pieces of mango leaves. After washing, boil the leaves in boiling water for only 5 minutes. After the fire in the stove is reduced, we only need to continue this cooking process for up to 15 minutes. After that, we just move the boiled water of the mango leaves to a container to stand for overnight. When we wake up in the morning with an empty stomach, we can consume the mango leaf boiled water.

Well, so you can consume boiled water of mango leaves with a better taste, after you boil the leaves add honey. So that the boiled water of the mango leaves that you drink doesn't taste too bitter.

Even so, if you have diabetes, you still need to pay attention to your diet. Follow all instructions given by the doctor. Eat a healthy and balanced diet, exercise regularly, and reduce stress.

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