How to Avocado Reduces Cholesterol

Not only good for consumption by those who are undergoing a diet program. In reality, avocados can also provide other health benefits, precisely in terms of reducing levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

How to Avocado Reduces Cholesterol

Health experts from the American Heart Association say avocados can reduce levels of bad cholesterol or LDL effectively. This is caused by the high content of monounsaturated fat in it. Although labeled as fat, in reality monounsaturated fat is good for health and can reduce cholesterol effectively.

In addition, avocados are also high in other ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytosterols which can prevent the absorption of cholesterol. Coupled with high antioxidant content, then this will make cholesterol levels, cancer risk, and risk of cardiovascular problems can be reduced significantly.

Avocados Can Reduce Bad Cholesterol Levels in Obesity Sufferers

Indeed, high cholesterol can also be experienced by those who are thin, but those who are obese are known to have a higher risk for developing this disease. Luckily, a study that published its results in the Journal of the American Heart Association proved that avocado consumption can help reduce cholesterol levels in those who experience obesity problems.

In a study conducted by involving 45 participants with obesity problems aged 21 to 70 years, it was mentioned that these participants were divided into three groups with each group on a low cholesterol diet within 5 weeks.

The first group was asked to consume a low-fat diet but did not consume avocados. The second group was asked to consume avocados. Meanwhile, the third group was asked to consume a type of avocado hass. The result is, those who do not consume avocados have the highest levels of bad cholesterol.

The researchers called the consumption of avocados accompanied by a low-fat diet can reduce bad cholesterol levels around 13.5 mg. More from low-fat diets without avocados can only reduce it around 8.3 mg.

Healthy Tips to Eat Avocados

Health experts advise us to regularly eat avocados if you really want to reduce levels of bad cholesterol effectively. This fruit can be consumed directly as cut fruit, made into jam in a sandwich, made into a salad mixture, or consumed together with low-fat protein foods such as fish and chicken meat.

It's just that health experts advise us to limit the consumption of avocados to a maximum of only half a day. This suggestion is adjusted so that we can maintain our daily fat intake so as not to overdo it.

Avocados are recommended for breakfast. This fact was obtained from a study conducted at the Illinois Institute of Technology that resulted in the fact that those who regularly eat avocados at breakfast tend to have a much lower risk for stroke and heart attack compared to those who eat breakfast with other foods.

Avocado consumption is said to make blood circulation increase, blood vessel function and blood sugar levels improve, to improve lipoprotein profile. This has an impact on an increasingly healthy heart.

Just make sure not to make avocados as drinks that are added with sweetened condensed milk. Although it can make it taste good, the presence of sweetened condensed milk will make the calorie levels increase so that it is not good for health.

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