5 Herbs for Sugar Substitutes

You have often heard that sugar is one of the foods we must limit consumption. Especially for those of you with diabetes, you should really pay attention to the level of sugar that you can consume.

Yes, this is indeed true. Sugar is one of the three types of food that must be limited intake in a variety of food guidelines and balanced nutrition. Then, should we absolutely not use sugar as part of our daily consumption?

Use of Sugar Substitutes Herbs or Spices

Of course you can, the easiest way is to use herbs that have a natural sweet taste.

The use of seasoning with natural sweeteners tends to be safer because it is more calorie free. In addition, the use of herbs as a sweetener, will also increase the intake of substances and natural phytonutrients in the body, which we cannot get from sugar.

Spices that can be a substitute for sugar

Curious what are the natural herbs that can give sweetness to food? The following types of seasonings, besides cinnamon, we can choose to replace sugar:

1. Vanilla

Vanilla is made from vanilla plant extract, is a super healthy sugar substitute choice. This is due, in addition to having a distinctive sweet taste, vanilla also has anti-oxidant type polyphenols that are good for the body.

This certainly makes the use of vanilla as a sugar substitute can provide benefits in the form of free radical deterrence in the body's cells.

The use of vanilla is also proven to be able to reduce blood cholesterol, gout and other inflammatory conditions in the body. You can use vanilla powder as a substitute for sugar, of course the taste of food and drinks will be more delicious.

2. Cardamom

Confused looking for natural sweeteners for cooking dishes, just choose cardamom. Spices that have been added quite often to cooking dishes, such as curry do have a fairly sweet taste.

Cardamom is also often chosen as an additional sweetener in various cakes and breads. Just like vanilla, cardamom has a high anticosidan content so it is good for the body's health in preventing and fighting free radicals. This certainly makes cardamom not only provide sweetness but is also super beneficial for the body.

3. Cloves

Besides having a distinctive odor, adding cloves or clove powder, to dishes or drinks can also give a sweet taste.

Although the sweet taste given is not too strong, but cloves can be a pretty good sugar substitute because it has a variety of antioxidants, types of eugenol, which is good for the body.

4. Nutmeg

Usually the addition of nutmeg to dishes or drinks, will give a spicy, spicy taste. However, who would have thought that the provision of nutmeg could also add a sweet taste to the cuisine. This makes nutmeg can be a substitute for flavoring the right dishes because it consists of spicy and sweet flavors.

Nutmeg has health benefits in the form of reducing inflammation because it has menthol-like ingredients that can provide benefits in the form of reducing pain in the body.

5. Cinnamon

Cinnamon has a thick sweet taste, can be added in the form of small whole bars or powder.

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