Get Slim By Eating Kiwi in the Morning

After the dietary trend of eating bananas in the morning was booming in Japan, this time another fruit appeared which said to replace the banana, which is the kiwi. Eating kiwi in the morning is rumored to have a higher dietary effect than bananas. What are the benefits?

Why Kiwi Fruit?

To convince you that kiwis are better than bananas, let's look at what benefits can be obtained from this green fruit.

1. Highly nutritious and has a high detox effect

Many people know that bananas are fruits with good nutrition and suitable for diets, but the nutrition contained by kiwi is also no less than bananas. Just like bananas, kiwi also contains potassium and beta kartoen. In addition, kiwi contains a lot of vitamin E and dietary fiber which is effective in slimming the body, even more than bananas!

Kiwi also contains lower calories compared to bananas so it is suitable for you who are eating on a diet. Wow, the nutritional content is higher, but with lower calorie counts!

Bananas and kiwi both contain good nutrition, but 100 grams of bananas contain 86 calories while 100 grams of kiwi only contains 53 calories. Really a perfect fruit for a diet.

2. Increase the body's metabolism

Kiwi which is rich in fiber and potassium is also a solution of problems that are often experienced by women such as constipation. If you eat kiwi in the morning, your digestive organs can work more actively and your backward affairs will become smoother. In addition, kiwi can also increase the body's metabolism to absorb fat.

3. Good for Beauty

Kiwifruit contains many vitamins and minerals needed by the body, one of them is vitamin C and E which are good for skin beauty. The content of vitamin C contained by kiwifruit is twice as much as oranges, and the vitamin E content is 5 times that of apples.

By eating kiwifruit, you can better meet the daily vitamin requirements needed by the body. The need for adequate vitamins will certainly support beautiful skin and a fit body all day.

Kiwi Fruit Diet

1. Drink Water While Eating Kiwi

How to practice this diet is very easy. After you wake up in the morning, prepare the peeled kiwi and water. Eat the kiwi fruit as breakfast while drinking water. It's better to drink water in a warm condition to activate the digestive tract in the morning.

2. Can Eat as Usual in the Day and Night

If you replace breakfast with eating kiwifruit and drinking water in the morning, it means you are allowed to eat as usual in the morning and evening. But keep in mind that you are on a diet so you need to maintain portions of food and not eat a lot, yes.

Things That Need to be Considered

In applying the kiwi diet, there are several things that need to be considered so that the results are optimal and there are no side effects.

1. Always Consumption of Kiwi Simultaneously with Water

Don't get too engrossed in eating kiwi, you forget to drink water when you eat it. Water is an important part of this diet method, because consuming kiwi together with water can dissolve the fiber contained so that it is more easily absorbed by the body. The body's metabolism also increases and releases a good enzyme reaction.

Not only that, for those of you who are worried first imagine that you will feel hungry until lunch time arrives can feel relieved. This is because the kiwi that is consumed with water will make the stomach feel full longer, you know.

2. Eat a maximum of 3 kiwifruit a day

Not that you are allowed to eat as much kiwi at breakfast, you know. It is better to limit the consumption of kiwis to a maximum of 3 pieces a day. If more than that, not a slim body is obtained but the opposite.

Remember that kiwi is a type of fruit that also contains sugar. Even though kiwi contains a lot of good nutrition for the diet, don't over consume it because it means you are consuming too much sugar. An exaggeration is not good.

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