Clove Oil, Natural Toothache Medication

Toothache will make anyone suffer. How not, pain in the teeth can even spread to the tip of the head and affect one's mood.

Unfortunately, treating toothache is not easy to do and requires time, especially if the toothache is apparently caused by cavities, porous teeth, or even broken teeth, which of course can appear at any time. Luckily now found a natural remedy that can quickly relieve toothache quickly. This medicine is clove. How do you make this clove can overcome the toothache that we experience?

How to use cloves for toothache medicine

Health experts say that cloves, widely known as spices, are apparently rich in antioxidants and some substances that can make pain due to toothache immediately subside. In fact, the content in cloves is believed to be able to kill various germs and bacteria that trigger pain in toothache. We ourselves can use clove oil and clove leaves to cope with excruciating toothaches.

We can use clove oil or just one or two drops on a clean cotton swab, which we then bite into the painful part of our teeth. Just let the cotton bitten by a sore tooth for a few minutes and then rinse your mouth with warm water. If this is done several times in stages, usually the pain in the toothache will immediately subside significantly.

We can also apply clove leaves to cure toothaches. The way is quite easy, namely by preparing 7 to 9 pieces of clove leaves which we then brew with half a glass of boiling water. After that, squeeze the clove leaves until the juice extracts out. This clove leaf extract can be applied to a sore tooth. By applying clove leaf extract regularly, the pain due to toothache will heal soon.

In addition to the use of clove leaves, it helps us to immediately check the condition of the teeth to the doctor to ensure that these dental problems are treated correctly and no longer relapses. In addition, take good care of dental hygiene every day so that there will be no more excruciating toothaches.

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