Benefits of Bananas for Patients with Hypertension

For those of you with high blood pressure or hypertension, limiting your salt intake is important. In addition, the intake of vitamins and minerals and fiber contained in vegetables and fruits can also help keep blood pressure stable, especially bananas for high blood pressure because of their potassium content.

Benefits of Bananas for Hypertension

Bananas for high blood pressure are useful because they are rich in potassium. High potassium content is good for people with high blood pressure. High potassium content and very low salt makes bananas to reduce high blood pressure.

The higher the level of potassium, the risk of heart attack and stroke is lower because potassium offset the role of sodium in the body. In addition, bananas are good for people who are stressed. When stressed, your metabolism increases dramatically to reduce potassium levels. By eating bananas, potassium levels will return to balance.

Because the sodium content found in bananas is quite low. This makes bananas lower blood pressure especially for those of you who have to go on a low salt diet, but need potassium.

You need to know, potassium itself is useful for balancing the amount of sodium or salt in your cells. More and more potassium, it can help prevent and control high blood pressure.

Bananas for high blood pressure will be better if added with cereal, yogurt or salad. In one medium-sized banana contains 12% potassium, 8% magnesium, and 1% calcium you need every day.

How to process bananas for people with hypertension

Now that you know the benefits of bananas for high blood pressure as explained above, the next question is what bananas can reduce high blood pressure?

Basically, ripe bananas can be directly eaten or processed into various types of snack food. However, according to some experts, bananas used as sweet snacks are healthier than biscuits.

Also avoid eating bananas by frying. Frying a banana actually eliminates the benefits and can harm health because of its saturated fat content. The content of saturated fat can cause various diseases such as high cholesterol, diabetes, heart problems and obesity.

How to process bananas so that the benefits contained in them can survive are by:
  • Mix banana slices with oatmeal. Oatmeal is a food that contains low sodium, high fiber and low fat, so it can help you as a high blood-lowering food.
  • Make it as a juice or smoothie. You can add honey, low-fat milk, or other fruits.
  • Bananas can also be mixed into sponge cake batter. Blend the banana, then mix it with the sponge cake mixture. Besides being able to add flavor, sponge cake with processed bananas can be more nutritious.

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