Avocados Can Help Prevent Diabetes

One disease that is quite common in humans is diabetes. This is usually triggered by an unhealthy lifestyle which unfortunately is still practiced by most people. Luckily, health experts say there is an easy and effective way to prevent diabetes. The method is to eat avocados.

Eating Avocados Prevent Diabetes

The results of a study published in the Molecular Nutrition and Food Research Journal are that regular eating of avocados will not only improve the health of the heart and blood vessels, but can also prevent diabetes effectively.

In a study led by Professor Paul Spagnuolo, it was mentioned that the ingredients in avocados can provide benefits for important organs of the body such as kidneys, liver, and muscles. This can also have a positive impact on insulin sensitivity which can significantly influence blood sugar levels.

For information, if the body has difficulty producing insulin, then the body will have difficulty converting blood sugar into energy. The result is, blood sugar levels will increase and can cause diabetes.

In this study, it was proven that avocados could help the pancreas overcome the problem of insulin resistance in mice. For information, these mice are accustomed to eating high-fat foods for eight weeks to make them obese as well as insulin license. These mice are also divided into two groups, namely mice that are given avocado supplements and those who are not.

The results of this study are, rats that are given avocado supplements tend to have better insulin sensitivity. His body is able to convert blood sugar into energy better. They are also able to effectively improve kidney, liver and muscle function.

Although it is still limited to mice and still requires further research, researchers believe that the effects also tend to be the same for humans. They also advised us to start implementing a healthy diet and regularly consume avocados.

Other Benefits of Avocado Eating Routine

Health experts say there are many health benefits that we can get if you regularly eat avocados. The following are the benefits.

1. Assist the Body's Detoxification Process

Avocado eating routine can actually help the process of detoxification or elimination of toxins from the body. This certainly can impact on the body that is getting fresher, fitter, and not easily affected by disease.

2. Supports the Weight Loss Process

Avocados are well known as fruits that are highly recommended for those on a diet. This is caused by the feeling of fullness that is obtained after consuming it. Coupled with a high fiber content, will help us maintain a good portion of food and not easily attracted to snacking on unhealthy foods. This will certainly make you lose weight.

3. Can Overcome Stress

The content in avocados can reduce homocystesin levels which can make us vulnerable to stress. We can overcome this mental problem and prevent inflammation in the body.

4. Good for Eye Health

Avocados can help maintain eye health and reduce the risk of developing cataracts effectively.

5. Helps Reduce Blood Pressure

Potassium content in avocados is very high. This will help us lower blood pressure, prevent hypertension, and cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks, kidney failure, strokes and other chronic diseases.

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