8 Health Benefits of Cardamom

Spices are indeed very diverse types. Generally various types of herbs can be used as a food seasoning to herbal medicine. One type of spice that is familiar in the market is cardamom. What kind of spices are cardamom? Are there other benefits to cardamom than to make it a food ingredient? How to process cardamom? Find the answers here!

What Is Cardamom?

Cardamom is a type of spice produced from several types of plants. Yes, you might be confused when you see fruit that produces cardamom, because it turns out cardamom is produced from the seeds of plants of the genera (genus) Elettaria and Amomun. Cardamom-producing plants enter the family Zingiberaceae or better known as ginger.

Cardamom seeds from Amomum and Elettaria have a slightly different form. Amomun seeds are larger in size with a blackish brown color. Cardamom seeds from Elettaria are not as thick as cardamom from Amomum.

Benefits of Cardamom

Just like other types of ginger, cardamom can also be used as a spice in cooking. But in addition to its benefits as a flavoring, cardamom also has various health benefits. Here are some health benefits of cardamom that you must know!

1. Reducing stress

The first benefits of cardamom are to improve mood and reduce stress. Cardamom is effective as an herbal remedy that has antidepressant properties. Consuming and also inhaling the scent of cardamom is believed to have a sedative or soothing effect. Cardamom consumption regularly can continue to make your mood improve and you can reduce and also avoid stress.

2. Smooth digestion

The next benefit of cardamom is that it is very good for maintaining the digestive tract. Cardamom is one type of spice with a high fiber content. There are 2 grams of fiber for every one tablespoon of cardamom. Therefore, cardamom is best consumed for digestion.

For those of you who have constipation problems or difficult bowel movements, cardamom can be one solution to overcome these problems. In addition to overcoming constipation, cardamom is also beneficial for maintaining other stomach health such as controlling bile and stomach acid, overcoming abdominal pain, overcoming intestinal spasms, to improve appetite.

3. Prevent infection

The third benefit of cardamom is to protect the body from various diseases caused by infection. Cardamom has antimicrobial properties, so cardamom is able to fight various types of bacteria, viruses, and certain fungi that can cause infections and disorders in the body. It can be said that cardamom is one type of herbal medicine that is effective for boosting the immune system.

4. Pain medication

Another benefit of cardamom is that it is used as a medicine for various types of pain. Cardamom has analgesic properties that are able to relieve racial pain. In addition, cardamom also has anti-inflammatory properties that can cure various types of inflammation that may be the cause of pain.

Some diseases that can be overcome by cardamom include toothache, swollen gums, headaches, muscle aches, joint pain, and many other body disorders.

5. Good for bones

The fifth cardamom manfata is to maintain bone health. Cardamom contains several nutrients that bones need. Some of them are like vitamin C and also manganese. These substances have benefits for maintaining bone density and also bone health. The maintained bone density will prevent you from osteoporosis.

6. Maintaining kidney and urinary health

Previously mentioned the benefits of cardamom effective as a constipation drug. It turns out that in addition to being a constipation drug, cardamom is also effective in resolving urination problems. Cardamom has diuretic properties that are useful for maintaining the health of your kidneys.

Aside from that, cardamom is also effective in preventing diseases such as urinary tract infections (cystitis) and inflammation of the kidneys (nephritis). Healthy kidney and urinary tract that are maintained will be very helpful in the smooth excretion of the body's system.

7. Treat coughs and colds

The next benefit of cardamom is that it can treat coughs and colds. Cardamom can have a calming effect and also help thin the phlegm. Breathing becomes smoother.

The taste of cardamom is also able to provide a warm effect so you can also avoid the cold.

8. Oral health and throat care

Maintaining oral and throat health is also one of the benefits of cardamom. Cardamom with anti-inflammatory properties can relieve symptoms such as canker sores to sore throat. Cardamom is also believed to be effective in relieving bad breath and making the breath fresher.

How to use Cardamom

You are certainly curious about how cardamom can be used to form drugs to treat various types of diseases. Cardamom can be found on the market in various forms, ranging from dried cardamom seeds, cardamom powder, cardamom supplements, cardamom tea, cardamom oil, to cardamom herbs.

You can use it according to your needs or illness. Cardamom as a stress-reducing agent, you can use cardamom tea. As for cardamom as a pain medication you can use cardamom oil or by taking cardamom supplements.

There are no medical doses for cardamom use, so you should be careful about using it and don't use it excessively or for too long. Please note that excessive use of cardamom in the long term can also cause side effects such as allergies and also complications of gallstones.

Here are some other things to consider before consumption of cardamom:
  • If you use cardamom in the form of supplements, you should consider the composition of other ingredients because the possibility of supplements does not only contain pure cardamom.
  • Treatment using herbal medicines such as cardamom should not be done in the long run. Stop treatment immediately and consult a doctor if symptoms do not improve within three days.
  • If you are on other medications or taking other prescription drugs, you should first consult with your doctor about the use of cardamom as a companion drug.
  • Together with the use of cardamom with a healthy lifestyle such as avoiding alcohol and cigarettes, maintaining diet, maintaining sleep patterns, and regular exercise so that this herbal medicine can also work well.
That he glimpse of the benefits of cardamom and also the things that must be considered before using cardamom. Always remember to consult with your doctor before using cardamom as a natural treatment.

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